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Coronavirus: Quebec reports 815 new COVID-19 cases, imposes more regional restrictions | FULL

Quebec Premier François Legault announced on Tuesday that the regions of Montérégie, Centre-du-Québec and Capitale-Nationale will be moving to red alert level beginning Friday amid rise in COVID-19 cases.

The province reported 815 new infections Tuesday, bringing its caseload to 87,791.

The premier urged Quebecers to remain vigilant although the spread of the virus is slowing

“There is no magic recipe,” he said during a press conference, alongside Health Minister Christian Dube and Director of Public Health Dr. Horacio Arruda.

Legault said the decision to move the three regions into red alert level was for three main reasons: saving lives, keep children in schools and saving the health system.

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  1. Avatar

    You'll notice all of the places with the highest case numbers are where the greatest resistance to globalism is located. Seems awfully coincidental.

  2. Avatar

    Omg 815 common cold positives

  3. Avatar

    Nice 18:47 🍌🍌



  4. Avatar

    How many deaths…..

  5. Avatar

    " The Media blare out the fact that new cases are up 25% from the height of the 'pandemic', but ignore the fact that testing is up 800%. This is a lie by omission.
    This is alarmism. And it should be ignored. ". True North media.

  6. Avatar

    It's too bad the conspiracy nutjobs don't get out enough to contract the virus. ☹️

  7. Avatar

    That what happens when business men lead a Country.

  8. Avatar

    Canada is against a Covid vaccine!
    The people will kill you for your treasonous propaganda

  9. Avatar

    All doctors got an email/letter saying to call it covid even if they did not test positive but had some symptoms. 80% of the tests give a false positive, plants have tested positive. The vast majority, 80% who die from this flu are very old and have numerous other serious health problems.The test is a scam and the inventor of the PCR who won the nobel prize for it said it was not a diagnostic tool. The CDC also says on it's website that the test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes. Doctors and hospitals get a lot more money per patient for calling someone covid positive. Even with them fraudulently blowing up the numbers, the number of people who have died of this flu is only a little more than a usual flu season. The hospitals are laying off staff. Hundreds of nurses have blown the whistle and said the the hospitals are very unbusy. The WHO said mask don't work. Bill Gates comes from a family of eugenicists, he has admitted numerous times that he wants to reduce the worlds population and was kicked out of India when his vaccines injured 500,000 young girls. No authority can tell you what to put in your body, period. The vaccines will be fraudulently safety tested, gene altering and will have nanoparticles that will be able to be read by special devices and then if you don't do exactly as the government tells you, you will not be able to buy anything or get a job or travel outside the country. In October 2019 they held a simulation of the exact "plandemic" that has occured, called event 201 with the same people that are pushing it now involved, and the same actions, mask wearing, social distancing and martial law etc. The have their own web site event201. btw the vaccine makers are immune to lawsuits if you are harmed by them, they will probably put mercury and aluminum in them which are extremely toxic, especially when put straight into the bloodstream. Wake up and spread this information before things get much worse.

  10. Avatar

    815 new cases because of more test, all asymptomatic from a test a 45 cycles who can detect traces of a dead virus from months ago. It' only a question of time for entire quebec to be in red. all of this base on no science (confirm by arruda). WHO confirmed confinement is not the solution. All medias singing the same song, no debates, stupid question by the journalists. this as nothing to do with a virus equivalent to the flu…. this is politic, big pharma, globalists. wake up people, enough of this insanity!

  11. Avatar

    PCR TEST does Not detect any virus. 100% will give POSITIVE results because it gives you the primary sequence of our chromosome 8 in our DNA and that funding they call it covid .
    Please take a better look in this matter in order to avoid disastrous mistakes.

  12. Avatar

    yeah more restriction but only friday……. lmao, are you serious? why friday, why not now since the virus is so bad. what is it, virus is not ready yet? INSANITY people, INSANITY!

  13. Avatar

    NOBODY believes you!

  14. Avatar

    How about watching Dr Reiner Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity might open up a few eyes

  15. Avatar

    They don’t know what they are doing 😔Incompetent !

  16. Avatar

    PCR tests are completely inaccurate with the amount of magnification they're using. This whole thing stinks.

  17. Avatar

    Theres a video in your ad

  18. Avatar

    on parle francais au Quebec

  19. Avatar

    Two thumbs down 👎 👎

  20. Avatar

    I always play mafia Italian music when this frog speaks

  21. Avatar

    Pour ma part, ce n'est que politique….je me soumets pour l'instant, sauf que en ce 13 octobre 2020, je me fis aux scientifiques et m.d. qui nous disent que la crise est finit….je n'aime pas l'abus de pouvoir…je vois clair…. ça me désole car j'avais confiance en vous

  22. Avatar

    So it's perfect in a perfect world, wide
    O' Canada, our home and native lands
    Oupsss sorry

  23. Avatar

    this is the exact opposite of should be done. Masks do not prevent a respiratory infection. lock downs do not work.
    this whole covid deal is a scam.
    herd immunity is the answer, take off the masks and let our body's do what they have done for a million years to battle viruses
    We cannot allow our great country to be destroyed under the pretense of keeping you safe,

    Fauci appears in someone's pocket.

  24. Avatar

    Ah, good old Quebec, STILL hard at work being the New York/New Jersey of Canada. Great work, Premier Cuomo! Er, I mean Premier Legault!

    Quebec, the province with 22.6% of the national population but 47.6% of all the COVID cases and 62.0% of all the COVID deaths in the entire country.

  25. Avatar

    The Great Barrington Declaration begs to differ.

  26. Avatar

    This frog Legault’s English is pathetic, most of my francophone friends watch tv and movies in English only, and speak a lot better than he does. Hate listening to him.

  27. Avatar

    Are there any other illnesses happening in Quebec? Or after defeating COVID19 we'll defeat death?

    How many have recovered? How many died? What is the hospital load? How many?
    Provide some meaningful and PERSPECTIVE for a change!

  28. Avatar

    "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Ronald Reagan

    "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." Gerald R. Ford

    "Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program." Milton Friedman

    "Democracy is an abuse of statistics. " Jorge Luis Borges

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    HurriKayne McLean

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

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    M. Legault. Pourquoi ne pas montrer les malade du covid. Ça montrerait que c'est vrai et peut être les gens feront plus attention. Plusieurs croient que seront des mensonges. Où est la vérité.

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