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Coronavirus: President Xi warns of 'grave situation' as infection spreads

China is facing a “grave situation” and the spread of the deadly coronavirus is “accelerating”.

That was the stark assessment of the Chinese president as the number of deaths from the outbreak rose to 41.

Authorities there are taking drastic action to try to control the disease – 56 million people are under lockdown, all regional bus services into Beijing have been suspended and the country’s New Year celebrations dramatically scaled back.

Sky’s Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire in Beijing and has this report.

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  1. Avatar

    Yeahh yeahh get down china ahahhaa

  2. Avatar

    China is definitly lying about the numbers

  3. Avatar

    Quarantine China and sort it out please

  4. Avatar

    They’re bringing in Govt medics so it’s not reported or leaked that there are over 10,000 cases!

  5. Avatar

    Too little too late. China's Food Hygiene (Wet Food Markets) are the blame. This should not be acceptable to the rest of the World, China is going to send us all to an early grave. F.U.

  6. Avatar

    Why on earth would leaders visit epicentre! Giving them illness wouldnt help

  7. Avatar

    Bet that Greta can solve it.noooooot

  8. Avatar

    The millennium bug has come late !!

  9. Avatar

    I wonder what effect this is having on Chinese restaurants and takeaways around the world. I won't be getting one until this has blown over, assuming that is does.

  10. Avatar

    On a lighter note, The Factory of the World is temporary closed.

  11. Avatar

    Well…Greta wanted people to stop flying/consuming…in all fairness…shouldn't this viral outbreak be named after Greta???

  12. Avatar

    Watch this:

    90,000 infected – looks legitimate. If true and each infected person another 14 infected and so on and on

  13. Avatar

    corona virus

    sees label

    made in china

  14. Avatar

    its being taken very seriously yes… how about the lack of border closures!

  15. Avatar

    Stop flights to and from China for a year, oh I forgot that money comes before British people's lives.

  16. Avatar

    The Chinese Government created this for chemical warfare. Some idiot brought this over to the fish market.

  17. Avatar

    Xi is action, best wishes for everyone affected <3

  18. Avatar

    I was so ready to visit China Disneyland… now I’ll have to spend my money on 20 pairs of AirPods and a fresh fade

  19. Avatar

    I ordered a package online couple days ago and tracker says it's enroute from China. Should I not open it up when it arrives? What if someone infected packed my box? What should I do?

  20. Avatar

    I will be so disgusted if this is bio warfare

  21. Avatar

    One hospital was not enough so we decided to build another.

  22. Avatar

    No more EBay items for me delivered from China!

  23. Avatar

    Why should the rest of the world have to suffer for China's pointless propaganda attempts to save their reputation because of 1. The fact they were in denial and handled this awfully and 2. Their attempts to cover up this awful reaction and look better on the world stage. Everyone already knows this regime is immoral, corrupt and evil so there is no reputation to salvage anyway. This regime should get over themselves and concentrate on saving their peoples lives and doing all they can to stop it spreading elsewhere. I would say they should face UN sanctions but the suffering would predictably be saddled on the chinese people who do not deserve it.

  24. Avatar

    Is it awful to ask if anyone has turned into a zombie yet? Sry

  25. Avatar

    Now trump needs to destroy the wall

  26. Avatar

    When xi say is a grave situation, than is a big big problem,! And to lock down 12cities of mln people. The situation is very worse

  27. Avatar

    This might be a bio-chemical weapon made in USA that only attacks YELLOW people. Just look back 2003 when USA economic crisis with Invasion to IRAQ, same trick SARS releases to CHINA. This is a very good way to drag enemy back. Why WUHAN, I think because it's the geocentroid of CHINA, and why LUNAR NEW YEAR, the timing is good to use the commuting to spread the disease. What is the motivation ?? Well, now USA has a trade war with CHINA, and is going to have a hot war with IRAN…

  28. Avatar

    Chinese virologists knew it was Corona once they discovered traces of lime in the victims' bloodstream.

  29. Avatar

    i hope xi jingping contracts and dies from the coronavirus too.

  30. Avatar

    It is PIG EBOLA, the same that happens to pig is happening to humans. https://youtu.be/72a3GXukut0 PREPARE

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    0:14 well at least we'll finally regain parity with their population.

  33. Avatar

    Australian fire 90% comments: Poor animals don't deserve this
    China coronavirus 90% comments: Jokes and memes, 0% Care for people there

  34. Avatar

    Toronto just got a case today. China needs a travel ban!

  35. Avatar

    God bless countries without boarders ? O really , left wing snowflakes and planes will bring disaster to your home .

  36. Avatar

    Hello to countries with open borders

  37. Avatar

    after the Ebola outbreak american are creating new disease for chinese,

  38. Avatar

    Some of friend in chine living they are telling this virus now 25 million people have more than 40k people already death on the street ever where is death body security moving very big place making with big machine for death body put in earth and closing one nurse was telling this virus if change mutasion second part afther that sory evey one will die i am not sure about this information if any body know this pls let me know

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