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Coronavirus: Polish police use tear gas as thousands protest against COVID-19 restrictions

Polish President Andrzej Duda has tested positive for coronavirus, authorities said on Saturday, as thousands of people protested in Warsaw against restrictions aimed at curbing the surging epidemic.

Duda’s infection was announced in the morning and he said in televised remarks later he was feeling fine.

Poland is seeing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, with new infections hitting a daily record of 13,632 on Friday. New restrictions went into force on Saturday.

Protesters gathered without face masks, saying curbs are not needed and holding up banners saying “Let us work, and let us decide on our own.”
Police responded with force, including tear gas, on several occasions. Protests are banned in light of the pandemic, Warsaw police spokesman Sylwester Marczak said, adding some in the crowd were aggressive at times.

The ruling nationalists have faced criticism in recent days from the opposition who say that the country is not prepared enough for the second coronavirus wave. Recent opinion polls have shown a drop in support for both PiS and Duda.

The Health Ministry reported 179 coronavirus-related deaths on Saturday, taking the total toll to 4,351. The country recorded 13,628 new cases on Saturday, with a total of infections approaching 242,000.


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    Governments are suppose to seve the people, not oppress them.

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    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Pandemic where tests show false results, people wear masks which absolutely don't work, the gov steal money like the best mafias never was capable of. No surprise people are fighting

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    NWO Covid-1984 is simply a plandemic and $camdemic because it was planted initially to frame and blame China by the USA along with the 5 Eyes, India, Israel, etc.; however, it backfired.

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    so that is a new normal, all the world have to do lift restrictions and lockdown all over the world and found another way to deal with new flu

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    Poland. Nuff said.

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    Poland is the Alabama of Europe.

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    Learn Canadians, have some balls!

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    So Duda is scared after he got the corona ccp virus?? Maybe he needs to see Trump's doctors. The shutdowns and regulations are only going to destroy the economy. Follow the money…who does the shutdowns benefit??? Yes this virus is highly contagious and even dangerous for some people, but you cannot live in fear. Remember what Pope JPII said, "Do not be afraid." We are all going to get the virus sooner or later. Now we know how to treat it. People should be free to walk and live! If you are scared…stay home, but don't punish the people who don't want to live in fear.

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    Stand up and fight!

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    “Nazis attack Poland”
    There I fixed the title!

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    Corona Hoax Wake Up💙💙💙 Freedom Now✌💙✌Corona Hoax Wake Up💙💙💙 Freedom Now✌💙✌Corona Hoax Wake Up💙💙💙 Freedom Now✌💙✌Corona Hoax Wake Up💙💙💙 Freedom Now✌💙✌

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    Welcome to the new normal until these draconian measures change

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    Its Time To Wake Up!

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    When are people going to realise that we are heading towards a global dictatorship? i guess when its to late.

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    Soon this will be a thing in Canada if we keep allowing our govt to keep pushing rules on us because of this pandemic.

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    Coming soon to a Canadian city near you.

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    Go Poland. You always had guts. so called pandemic. The funniest thing is everybody should sit at home just because someone 90 years old may die from the flu. Lock down this 90 years old guy. That's all. Other people must have their lifes and jobs.

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    You think this can't happen in Canada diversity on everything but thought

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    All on the back of false positives too. Good for the protesters.

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    That’s no police…just Illuminati puppets

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    This Covid thing is getting ugly ! PEOPLE ARE TIRED 😫 TIME TO MOVE ON

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    Frustrations of Humanity

    The police around the world are delusional once everyone else has been locked down out of existence they will be next, treasonous liars are just using them to do their dirty work

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