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Coronavirus outbreak: 1000 sailors evacuated off USS Theodore Roosevelt amidst COVID-19 outbreak

One thousand sailors have been moved off the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, an official for the Navy said at a news conference in Guam on Thursday.

“A certain percentage of those are in isolation because they have tested positive or they’ve displayed influenza like symptoms and they’re in the process of being tested. Another percentage of that is in quarantine locally on Naval Base Guam. So none have come outside the fence line of Naval Base Guam at this time,” said Rear Admiral John Menoni, speaking at a media event hosted by the island’s governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero and streamed live on her Facebook page.

Menoni declined to comment on the possibility that the Navy could punish the ship’s captain, who wrote a scathing letter to Navy leadership asking for stronger measures to control a coronavirus outbreak on the ship.

“That’s not my role,” said Menoni. But he added, “We have a moral obligation…to look after our folks because they’re the biggest part of any effective weapon system.”

In a four-page letter, the contents of which were confirmed by U.S. officials to Reuters on Tuesday, Captain Brett Crozier described a bleak situation aboard the nuclear-powered carrier as more sailors tested positive for the virus.

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