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Coronavirus: Ontario’s top doctor announces restrictions for Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams on Friday outlined recommendations he has made to Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet in response to a spike in cases, saying “modified” Stage 2 restrictions will be put in place for Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa for 28 days effective Saturday at 12:01 a.m. ET.

This includes prohibiting indoor dining, and the closure of indoor gyms, cinemas, casinos and fitness centres. Schools and places of worship will remain open.

Ontario reported 939 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Friday, a new provincial record of cases within a 24-hour period since the pandemic began.

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  1. Avatar

    Why the cases grow after Rodgers expanded 5G???

  2. Avatar

    Rise up Ontario!! This is all lies!!

  3. Avatar

    There's no pandemic, just a bunch of covidiots walking around with masks on.

  4. Avatar

    Don’t talk to us about modeling with this the virus and it’s future trac. The modeling has never proven true in any respect and should be abandoned.

  5. Avatar

    Isaiah 5:13
    Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.

  6. Avatar

    This “top doctor” is a coward and fraud. Most of us know by now that this has nothing to do with a health crisis. This Covid fiasco has all been an episode in voodoo pseudoscience, perpetrated by tyrants who themselves do not fear the virus.

  7. Avatar

    This guy is a doctor? I want to see a Diploma. Which institution wants to vouch for this guy's instruction and education?

  8. Avatar

    All these Doctors are going against their oath!!

  9. Avatar

    Every cashier in all the stores complains that they can't breathe!! One young woman even started crying!!! How much can you mock people??!! It's called the care and support of the citizens??!! This is called slow killing of the citizens of your country!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Follow the EVIDENCE not the Propaganda.
    A Technocracy is U.N.-elected minions DICTATING policy to elected puppets.

  11. Avatar

    All of these "covid is fake" and "mah conspiracy" boys didnt even graduate highschool and they question scientists and doctors? Shush, losers.

  12. Avatar

    Canada’s top paid doctor**😂😂

  13. Avatar

    You're not listening to the majority idiots and you're going to have a f**** protest like you've never seen before. this has nothing to do with science and everything to do with compliance. I will not wear your fears on my face!

  14. Avatar

    If This Guy Is OUR Top Doctor We Are All In Trouble.

  15. Avatar

    Canada is in sight for the takeover.

  16. Avatar

    Have you noticed that the climate change hysteria ended when the shamdemic started? Probably just a coincidence.

  17. Avatar

    There’s no proof of a virus!

  18. Avatar

    They can only control us if we let them. Maybe it’s time to stand up to the bullies? There are a lot more of us then there are of them.

  19. Avatar
    techthai tehabnormal

    Makes sense bill gates is also a top doctor as a drop out

  20. Avatar
    The truth will set you free

    I want a second opinion bunch of criminals bought and paid for.

  21. Avatar
    Consciousness Transformation

    The pope of the new Covid religion.

  22. Avatar

    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced with covid-19! No other forms of death exist either in 2020!!!!
    (99.97% survival rate; CDC)

  23. Avatar

    GIve up your public taxpayer salary, Dr. Williams, until the businesses you want closed are able to open up again. If you are going to deny the right to others to earn a living, why should you keep getting your salary from the public?

  24. Avatar

    The only "waves" we have are the ones made by these scamdemic hypocriticians.

  25. Avatar

    It's incredible how loosely the terms "expert" and "doctor" are used these days.

  26. Avatar

    pls working together including RCMP……..watch for the spy going aroud speard the covid19…..and bad people……
    LOVE CANADA…………..

  27. Avatar

    If your going to shove propaganda down our throats . Well then hire MEN. To do it.

  28. Avatar

    "top doctor" aka decent actor

  29. Avatar

    Political propaganda incompetence at best

  30. Avatar

    all that's missing are the CCP armbands – how much $$ is being made by having inside information on certain closures ?

  31. Avatar

    Ever notice that the expert medical folks they use are just paid shills that support the government’s agenda. There’s are WAY MORE real actual doctors, not just “officers”, that debunk and prove false this narrative and the actions taken do NOTHING good but are harmful. May history judge you people harshly when this dies down and the real data comes out that they can’t stop from coming out.

  32. Avatar

    Another “top doctor” lol

  33. Avatar

    Doctors that lie for money should lose their license, and then be sued for their ill gotten gains.

  34. Avatar

    They found outbreak of fun with sports so they had shut it down

  35. Avatar

    99.5 survival rate from the covid cold. We dont want vaccines and cashless society down with the nwo

  36. Avatar

    That doctor is a fraud. He didn't get a medical degree. He only just came out of clown college.

  37. Avatar

    Tell us number of dead for next week,compare dead of "covid 19" to drug overdose.

  38. Avatar

    I am for their rules and advice but I am also concerned for Dr. Williams . I guess he needs to go and see his doctor because he keeps clearing his throat… which can be a severe soar throat or a possible COVID 19 infection. Still, they are doing a great job advising us on what to do to flatten the curve.

  39. Avatar

    Haha! I just can’t believe that the majority of you here who are commenting about this virus are a bunch of IDIOTS and you think that everything is a lie about this virus. Seriously, how can you tell it’s all a lie when the cases and deaths are still increasing at an alarming rate? Check the latest stats from the legit experts and do not refer to you your irrelevant , edited, and unreliable sources.WAKE UP KARENS!!!!

  40. Avatar

    Imagine a virus so dangerous that you have to get tested to know you are a carrier.

    Imagine a "pandemic" so serious that the only way to know it exists is by exposing yourself to the media's constant deluge of fear mongering.

    THAT is "COVID-19"!

  41. Avatar

    A UK paper just reported that the average age of COVID fatalities is 82.4 years, and most of those already had at least one obvious comorbidity (obesity, heart/lung disease, diabetes).

    Whatever the (TRUE) COVID death toll winds up being, it will still pale in comparison to the deaths caused by the lockdowns/restrictions (that's aside from the countless businesses lost and lives ruined).

  42. Avatar
    king on common law

    get ready for the new re-education camps folks

  43. Avatar

    More ppl more problems

  44. Avatar

    Stop lie people. 🤣

  45. Avatar

    The Criminal Code establishes offences of "high treason" and "treason," and offences respecting acts related to treason; it also sets out certain evidential rules and limitation periods for the prosecution of treason offences.

    Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits "high treason" who a) kills, attempts to kill, wounds, imprisons, or restrains the sovereign, b) wages war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto, or c) assists an enemy at war with Canada or any armed force against whom Canadian forces are engaged in hostilities, even if no state of war exists. The punishment for high treason is life imprisonment, without parole eligibility for 25 years. A person commits "treason" who a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province, b) discloses, without lawful authority, military or scientific material to agents of a foreign state, if he or she knows or should know that the material may be used to impair Canada's safety or defence, or c) engages in certain listed conspiracies or attempted offences. The punishment for treason is life imprisonment; normal parole rules apply. Canadian citizens and persons owing allegiance to Her Majesty in right of Canada who commit acts of high treason or treason are punishable under Canadian criminal law even if the acts were performed outside Canada.

  46. Avatar

    they've sold their souls

  47. Avatar

    Thanksgiving state police out in full force today🍗

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