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Coronavirus: Ontario PSWs to receive temporary wage increase during pandemic | FULL

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Thursday that the province is investing $461 million to help stabilize the personal support worker (PSW) workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic, by giving over 147,000 PSWs “a much deserved pay raise.”

Ford said they would be providing a $3 per hour raise for 50,000 eligible PSWs in long-term care, 38,000 eligible PSWs in home and community care, and for 34,000 eligible PSWs in children, community and social services. There will also be a $2 per hour raise for 12,300 PSWs in public hospitals.

“Today’s funding is a first step that will provide a pay raise until March 2021,” he stated.

The Premier was joined by Deputy Premier Christine Elliott, Minister of Long-Term Care Dr. Merrilee Fullerton and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams to make the announcement.

On Wednesday, Ford said that he was “deeply concerned” after modelling projections released showed COVID-19 cases in the province could double every 10-12 days, with around 1,000 new cases per day by mid-October.

The province reported 538 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases in the province to 52,248.

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  1. Avatar
    cool kids gaming

    Why cant food service workers be treated the same way? We are dealing with the public every day

  2. Avatar
    The sky is the limit #InCanada

    Unfair. So that means Nurses, Doctor, social worker don't make any difference.

  3. Avatar

    Careful everyone he’s replacing registered nurses with PSWs (minimal education). Who do you want looking after you?

  4. Avatar
    The sky is the limit #InCanada

    If you are in RPN, RN program no need to continue as PSW jobs is making you ”Champion” not your years hard work and commitment towards your work as a student nurse.

  5. Avatar

    Why are they only increasing their wages temporarily & only for publicly funded psw's? That's insane – one, they've deserved raises for years – they work so incredibly hard, caring for our most vulnerable populations, people we love and care about dearly and they're doing jobs that the majority of us couldn't manage to do ourselves, nor would many even consider doing these jobs, two, I understand that the privately funded psw's are the responsibility of their employers, but they deserve raises too, so why not provide wage subsidies for their employers? We are still not acknowledging the true worth of these incredible people. When people don't feel valued they tend to not take pride in their work or themselves, which can often lead to sub-par performance. Is that what we want for our loved ones and/or potentially for ourselves? I know I wouldn't want subpar care if I were vulnerable and in need.

  6. Avatar

    Must be nice to have a guaranteed salary and pension. But they keep telling me we are in this "together".

  7. Avatar
    Karen Prophet-Lacasse

    Too late. I’m off now with a messed up spinal column due to years of working short constantly!!! I worked in long term care for 17 yrs as well as 7 yrs in home care and 3 yrs of chronic care in the ER always working short staffed. Not only did I have to go on disability at 43 y.o. But I’m headed for a wheel chair myself giving to my community and government did nothing. I realize that we’re in a pandemic but in my opinion this situation should have been listened to long long ago and just possibly seniors would have been better cared for humanely and better prepared on the onset of this pandemic as well as less injuries to the staff who were already working short staffed constantly for years!!

  8. Avatar

    If he just loves these people them why did he sign a bill against these people and nurses. I'm still amazed that people believe everything he says

  9. Avatar

    What about RPN’s working on the floor in long term care

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    What about the xray staff doing the chest xrays/CTs on infected or potentially affected patients????????

  12. Avatar

    Ford you are a real criminal. No jokes

  13. Avatar

    So, when the second wave, turns into the dud, we all know it is, do the taxpayers get that 2.8 billion back? Nope, I didn't think so. We are not all in this together. The rich are in this together, to screw over everyone else. We all know the truth, you are not fooling anyone. You all sound like broken records, spitting out nothing but the same nonsense, over and over and over and over and over, and I need a stiff drink!

  14. Avatar

    Why would he laugh and then say we ant going to do anything bad to them ??? I'm i the only one that picked up on that !! Bug out now people !!

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Little too late don't you think? Lmao you guys are running a circus. Who voted for this clown?!

  17. Avatar

    Tossing around millions of dollars at each
    of these is just mental m8sturbation at this point Doug.

  18. Avatar

    Enough with these anecdotes. You know when you're at a party (precovid) and there's always a dude that talks too much about stuff people around them honestly and truly don't care about? Well, that guy is YOU, Doug Ford. Stop rambling and get to it.

  19. Avatar
    Jeannette Poulin

    What happen to the extra money for those of us that work in grocery stores!
    Nurses ! Teachers! Police!
    Is there a written guidelines for PSW people ! My mother has one PSW that comes puts on socks then leaves ………..your throwing money away IF there is no protocol responsibilities!

  20. Avatar

    What about the death rate vs cases ?
    No one mentions

  21. Avatar

    If the case numbers are going up that proves masks dont work!

  22. Avatar

    an early wish about this second wave, since the first wave is STILL IN FULL SWING EAH •••

  23. Avatar

    We in our agency, PSWs are still earning 16/hr, without hazard pay, no increase, no uniforms and we are not provided by our agency with our covid tests eventhough we are required to be tested every 2weeks. I highly doubt our agency will honor this proclamation.

  24. Avatar

    PSWs deserve at least 30 cad/hr wage

  25. Avatar

    What about your nurses in LTC? This increase has PSWs making roughly par with RPNs in LTC yet the nurses have a licence on the line. We RPNs are also working with a greater shortage, taking on a higher resident to nurse ratio during this time.

  26. Avatar

    worst vote I ever made in my life

  27. Avatar
    Steve Darrington

    This is really a slap in the face. The PSWs getting a raise is justified long before Covid19. Taking the raise back in March is ludicrous. All this is is a propaganda opportunity for Ford and his Cronies

  28. Avatar

    Hey "Dougie"!…Are you enjoying your last two years as Premier yet?

  29. Avatar

    For those that are currently unaware – the National Post has finally started to understand that Doug's fiasco of fear is quite unreasonable. Quick Google search will show the article that cites that his numbers and fearmongering are just excessive and without merit. There's light people, just keep moving forward and don't let these people take away more of your rights through smoke and mirror tactics. It's not perfect, but at least some form of mainstream media is reporting on the utter lunacy of this man's reactions.

  30. Avatar

    Covid9/11 is an inside job

  31. Avatar

    The way they plans might create jobs in medical care , and keep the economy going well . But I'm afraid that won't work out . With the way things are , it's going to be a lot more infected than what you expected .

  32. Avatar

    Thank you for thinking about psw👍

  33. Avatar

    Keep 2 m apart speaking moistly bunch of yahoos

  34. Avatar
    Love Me A Lifetime

    I watch all these stream live covid updates from the same people everyday. They keep talking about protecting yourself, social distancing, wash your hands blah blah but they never use their both hands to take off their masks. They always use one hand to take off their masks and fold the masks in a crumpled way as well as touching the inside of the masks. Why should I listen to you when you dont even follow your own standard guidelines in front of everyone?

  35. Avatar


    Or are you going to be the typical politician and palm off all the huge provincial budget deficit and debt onto the next government?

  36. Avatar

    Hey Doug… why won’t you address the exorbitant bonuses paid to OLG executives approved by you and your finance minister? You promised to get back to Ontariens on THOSE details when you got CAUGHT… You are CORRUPT and NOT fit to hold office. CHARLATAN
    You say you have our backs… make your little 3$ raise permanent. I’m sure you could find it SOMEHOW at OLG… or other places of questionable provincial “spending” we haven’t discovered yet.

  37. Avatar

    Everyone hug your PSW. We love you❤

  38. Avatar

    We need a PSW count on this video

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