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Coronavirus: Ontario premier says "system is working" to keep schools open amid case rise | FULL

During a coronavirus briefing on Monday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said his government’s fall COVID-19 plan to keep students, teachers and school staff safe with schools reopening has been working.

Earlier this fall, the government announced its $1.3 billion plan which included hiring over 600 nurses for schools, over 1,100 cleaners, and $234 million to hire more teachers and staff to maintain physical distancing at classes.

“My friends, the system has been working,” Ford said.

The provincial government has also delivered over 37 million pieces of PPE to schools as part of its plan.

Ontario reported 615 cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total number of cases in the province to 54,814.

There are at least 176 people hospitalized with the virus, which marks an increase of seven. There are 43 people in intensive care with 26 on a ventilator.

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  1. Avatar

    I think I might be developing some kind of stockholm syndrome.

  2. Avatar

    Nothing is working including me.

  3. Avatar

    At Grocery store esp big stores, everyday shoppers at least spent an hour or longer inside. I never heard any covid positive from stores that accomodates at least 50 people everyday inside on regular basis for 12hrs or more a day… As a shopper, I dont see any social distancing inside stores, everyone touching the food items… Why close small restaurants that follows guidelines and other establishments?… Lets ask the the wife of the PM who got Covid, how was her covid experience? Look at Trump? He recovered after few days… I had Flu for a month in January, the feeling was horrible but I recovered… Just saying its not the end of the world if we go back to our normal life!!

  4. Avatar
    Shane the Colloidal Silver man

    Yea it’s all about the politics and nothing to do with the truth the PCR test isn’t suppose to be used to diagnose an acute or infectious agent as stated by the man invented it Kary Mullis. Second no government on this planet have isolated this so called Covid 19 virus through third party independent validation, this could be a influenza virus but I can tell you this for sure it’s not what we’re being told it is, it’s not as lethal as there proclaiming it to be us natural mean of healing there are many things that boost your immune system, this will help the power to heal is all of ours.

  5. Avatar

    FU doug ford . stop lying . commited to fight a fake virus. but cant commit to hunger, homeless, poverty in toronto.

  6. Avatar

    "Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients"
    One America News Network 5 Oct 2020

  7. Avatar

    The COVID can deem any Person Child Business School Church Gathering Art Journalist Worker a Threat to Mankind
    We're Ruled By Evil

  8. Avatar

    We Assault & Kill our Elders, with COVID Segregation of Masked Loneliness we inflict upon them. Losing the Rights they fought for.

  9. Avatar

    CDC COVID-19 Updated Survival Rates… Summary..
    Age 0-19 — 99.997%
    Age 20-49 — 99.98%
    Age 50-69 — 99.5%
    Age 70+ — 94.6%
    * WAKE UP & SPEAK UP…*

  10. Avatar

    If authorities do not take draconian measures the pandemic will grow exponentially and the COVID will paralyze our health care system and will hurt nurses and doctors. Also, not only COVID patient need care. Many patients suffer, waiting for health care resources when COVID pandemics to end, while so many irresponsible people could not care less. Unfortunately too many people are irresponsible. I see them everywhere every day. They do not keep distance, they do not wear masks and are coughing in public places and do not cover their mouths. And I do not see the by-law enforcement officers and police to force compliance. Without enforcement all the rules and begging are useless. The 20/80 rule teaches us that majority of people are rams in every society and understand only fear. Most people do not even understand what "exponential grow" means so they do not appreciate the warnings. Why it is so difficult to temporarily abstain from visiting the restaurants and throwing parties? It is beyond me. Rams.

  11. Avatar

    Doug Ford needs to stop being scared. As Donald Trump put it "do not let the virus dominate you, do not fear the virus". Doug Ford has allowed the virus to hijack the Ontario economy as a successful terrorist would do. Covid-19 needs to be handled like terrorism, i.e. we do not fear Covi-19, we do not shut down the economy, we do not wear masks, and we do not mandate social distancing but leave it up to people to make decisions related to their social life.

  12. Avatar

    Its disparaging to see so many idiotic comments. The cynicism is unbelievable.

  13. Avatar
    Tracey Rodriguez

    Come on Doug, I was a great supporter of you at the beginning of Covid, now your like Trump putting money first. For the sake of our future close down what needs to be closed and for God's sake close the schools. I love kids, I have 2 but we all know kids are dirty walking little germs, that's part of being a kid, but they come home and are getting everyone around them sick. How do you tell little kids not to share or hug or even touch each other, let alone keeping a mask on the whole time. They never wash there hands, they pretend they do but in reality they do not. When there nose is running they use the sleeve of their coat, jacket to wipe their nose. They will get the teachers sick and some of these teachers have pre existing conditions that can make them very ill if not die if they contract Covid. Do the right thing, I no it's tough on everyone but the Covid is here, it's deadly and we gotta make changes, it's not leaving any time soon and the way things are going there most likely will be a new strain following right behind. If we can control this we can control anything, let's not be the states 300,000 dead because of ignorance.

  14. Avatar

    these ''leaders'' need to see psychiatrists

  15. Avatar

    If anyone thinks we need a shut down I ask the get their head checked to see if they have a brain cell left. Have a look at death rates and compare to other things like heart and stroke, or cancer or automobile related deaths.

  16. Avatar

    this is a joke schools should be closed

  17. Avatar

    Safe is control and the agenda just the puppets time to wake up sheeple!!!!

  18. Avatar

    CLOSE THE SCHOOLS YOU IDIOTSSSSS … wow. you cant go to your familys for thanksgiving but you can send your kid to a full school classroom.. HOW STUPID ARE YOU

  19. Avatar

    It's NOT working. If it was cases wouldn't be rising. Money doesn't do anything without a PLAN!!

  20. Avatar

    Big business and banks are pulling the strings!

  21. Avatar

    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced with covid-19! No other forms of death exist either in 2020!!!!
    (99.97% survival rate; CDC)

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