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Coronavirus: Ontario invests additional $1.3 billion in testing as total tests pass 4 million | FULL

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Tuesday that his government is investing an additional $1.3 billion towards COVID-19 testing and contact-tracing through its COVID-19 fall preparedness plan.

The new funding will go to expand testing capacity and reduce backlogs, he said.

Ford announced that Ontario has surpassed a total of 4 million COVID-19 tests completed through its assessment centres, pharmacies, long-term care homes, pop-up and mobile testing units.

The total of tests will make Ontario testing more than all the other provinces and territories combined.

With the second wave hitting the province harder than the first wave, health officials started an appointment-only system for COVID-19 testing centres.

Health Minister Christine Elliott said the decision came to reduce long lines of waiting as colder weather approaches and to provide people with certainty on when they can get tests.

Ontario reported 548 new coronavirus cases and 7 more deaths on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 55,362 and 2,987 deaths.

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  1. Avatar

    Leicester is a hell hole under labour for decades

  2. Avatar

    I had a test, while I was in an nhs morg, she stabbed the back of my throat and gave me diphtheria

  3. Avatar

    Then someone tried to strangle me to death and I was dripping in a cold sweat, nice treatment national hit squad

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    LETS SEE if you have gotten vaccinated last year for a covid viris you will test positive when you get tested ? you must be some kind of NEW STUPID

  5. Avatar

    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced with covid-19! No other forms of death exist either in 2020!!!!
    (99.97% survival rate; CDC)

  6. Avatar

    Another day of inconsistent, confusing directions from the provincial government. So confusing that even the Premier doesn’t know what the rule is, unless he has 10 people living in his house, which I doubt. This inconsistency and lack of decisive clear leadership is going to get a lot of people sick!

  7. Avatar

    Look at the evil in their eyes. I'm glad to see people in large numbers are finally awakening. These evil criminals are scared of us.

  8. Avatar

    The money announcements are lies, just like AC for long term care, HVAC for 4800 schools, subways.

    Will there be HVAC for day care?

    The low paid day care staff can social distance when they change a diaper. HaHa

    Another day, another Doug Ford Show.

  9. Avatar

    $1.3 billion. Lucky number 13 eh?

  10. Avatar

    Toronto had "2O1" new cases today , just like "Event 2O1"

  11. Avatar

    How do we know the positive PCR test isn't a positive flu virus if the PCR test is simply used to see a elevated immune response from a virus ..it's non specific to coronovirus 19… Is this why the flu is down?.. lol.. I thought this test just tested our body's immune response to fighting a virus which we fight many viruses daily and most times have no clue our body's are working the way they do.. .. we can have a positive PCR on any given day… Hence why there are asymptomatic carriers… Just means our body's fight it without going into overdrive with symptoms… Thing is the PCR test was not meant to be a diagnostic tool for flu or coronovirus

    I'm so confused in 2020 🤦‍♀️🤣

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    This money will be stolen. What happened to Canada? It's a joke like America now.

  13. Avatar
    Bobby Sensational

    This bill is on China – Justin – get on it

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    Well good afternoon. I am here today to spend more money!

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    Doug ford has shares in the flu shot and the vaccine

  16. Avatar


    That question never gets asked nor answered because everyone already knows the answer: a combination of huge income tax increases, huge public service cuts, and large user fee hikes.

    Get ready, folks. You're going to be paying a ton more money to the provincial and federal governments in a couple of years.

  17. Avatar

    Masks is a form of submission. Evil works at play.

  18. Avatar

    Billion dollars more lol , lol these health care workers don't come cheap

  19. Avatar

    Isn't Ontario the biggest debt place in the world , incredible lol

  20. Avatar

    What a waste of taxpayer money

  21. Avatar

    Waste of money. There is no pandemic.

  22. Avatar

    Stop wasting taxpayers money and stop spreading the Fear of a Fake "Virus" !!!!!!!!!

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    trump support, anti abortion advocate and professional crook, he doesnt care about you. he only cares about being re-elected.

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