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Coronavirus: Ontario introduces stricter measures to curb COVID-19 spike

Ontario is introducing new measures in an effort to curb the spike in COVID-19 after 732 new cases were reported, yet another record.

The measures come as Quebec is warning more restrictions might be put in place. Abigail Bimman reports.

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  1. Avatar

    How about daily recoveries

  2. Avatar

    the lockdown, masks….they are permanent people…..this is Agenda 2030. the vaccine will reduce us.

  3. Avatar

    These health-nazis should be held criminally liable for destroying countless people's lives.

  4. Avatar

    The second wave was going to be manufactured regardless of how the population behaved. The PCR Test doesn’t test for viruses. The creator of the PCR Test used to test for Covid-19 was created in 1984 by Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis. He said the test should not be used to test for infectious diseases. The PCR tests for bits if DNA that every human potentially has in their body. The PCR test can be amplified so it can pick and choose if it tests positive. 90% of people who test positive have no symptoms at all and are healthy and yet are counted as a “case”. “Cases” are being used to justify a second lockdown, despite the very low death figures. Many doctors are admitting that they are encouraged to put Covid-19 on death certificates on patients who have other life threatening diseases which helps manipulate death statistics. We are being scammed, big time, by government, big business and media on a massive scale. Now, with governments Project Moonshot, (will cost 100 billion) to test billions each day. This will increase the number of “cases” and lead to more lockdown restrictions. The virus would disappear in a week if people stopped getting tested.

  5. Avatar

    "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask."

  6. Avatar

    the media and news cant find something else to talk about, everyday its the same thing

  7. Avatar

    Immunity will protect us. And I’m not talking about a vaccine….

  8. Avatar
    TallahassZ Remington

    2018: 1.5 million deaths from TB.

    No peep from legacy news.

  9. Avatar

    Buses: Passengers are required to wear masks.
    Bus drivers: No masks.

  10. Avatar

    CCP will have a big bill to pay. Justice has to be made, period.

  11. Avatar

    Don't go see family but go to job with 100 other people

  12. Avatar

    Can't close lcbo alcoholics will have health problems so let them make it worse instead close gym were people are going to be healthier so close those so people get obese and have health problems

  13. Avatar

    Parlez vous Francez?

  14. Avatar

    deaths havent increased..

  15. Avatar

    Stage one wasn’t over we just didn’t know how to deal with this virus and still don’t.

  16. Avatar

    …that no one is paying attention t0!

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    all you anti-vaxxing, 5g, bill gates conspiracy wacks need to consider that sometimes there are people smarter than you. and that trying to be different doesn't make you more clever because you can't comprehend basic science and epidemiology.

    i agree the gov't is doing a terrible job at managing it and is thus causing more cuckoos to pop up. however – use your free-thinking spirits to at least consider the risk that this virus poses to our elderly loved ones. the virus is not the scam, our government is.

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    Thank God we have the government to save us from this crisis they've manufactured.

  20. Avatar

    more people die from the flu still

  21. Avatar

    all women as top doctors. not diverse.

  22. Avatar

    Lock step 2010. Rothschild foundation.

  23. Avatar

    2:08 What is the point of indoor dining if it is in a tent with no air circulation?

  24. Avatar

    So much stupid in the comments.

  25. Avatar

    99.95% survival rate

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Dear media. You aren't walking away from the rubble.

  28. Avatar

    Not many people want this.

  29. Avatar

    Amazing Polly: "When you control the selection of tests that don't work AND the analysis of the test results for a virus which has never been isolated you have become like a terrorist or extortionist who can destroy anyone at any time for any reason."

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