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Coronavirus: Ontario health officials impose restrictions on 3 regions as cases rise | FULL

Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, announced new restrictions for the province on Friday, specifically in the Toronto, Peel and Ottawa regions, as COVID-19 cases continued to spike with a majority found in the three locations.

Under the new restrictions, effective Saturday at 12:01 a.m. for 28 days, the three regions will see indoor dining suspended and the closure of indoor gyms, cinemas, fitness centres and casinos. There will also be restrictions on gatherings, including events like weddings.

Schools and places of worship will remain open under the restrictions.

Chief coroner Dr. Dirk Huyer and Adalsteinn Brown, dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, joined Williams for the announcement.

Brown said while a response is needed as COVID-19 cases continue to rise, restrictions are not needed for the entire province at this time, but all three officials cautioned that other regions seeing small case increases need to properly react so they do not also face restrictions in the future.

The province of Ontario reported 939 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, its highest single-day increase since the pandemic began, and five new deaths.

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  1. Avatar

    cases are irrelevant , recovery, deaths and co morbidity are the important numbers ,this smoke and mirrors nonsense is frustrating

  2. Avatar

    They say "CASES" . They don't say "DEATHS" . Do you know. the Difference ?
    Who can believe them ?. … Not me .

  3. Avatar

    Incredible and dodging clear questions. When asked about why are schools open when all else is shut down, shifts to messaging to younger coherts. Says Min of Ed reports hasn't seem a lot of transmission within schools, just people coming in and not consistent within the province. Makes no sense why managed restaurants (eg.) are closed and killing small business – but huge bubbles involved in families and kids spreading isn't an issue. Inconsistent messaging and not credible advice. In addition, new language added: congruent gatherings … little confusing, aren't schools congruent gathering? Ridiculous social messaging, unclear and inconsistent.

  4. Avatar

    Texas is open 100%

  5. Avatar

    Here's some data from some other experts–the COVID recovery rates from the CDC:
    0-19 = 99.997%
    20-49 = 99.98%
    50-69 = 99.5%
    70+ = 94.6%

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    CASES MEAN NOTHING ALL LIES LIES LIES They want us miserable so they can kill us off with the vaccine. These evildoers do not care about your health

  7. Avatar

    WE NEED TRUMP 2020! He is not one of these people

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    Frustrations of Humanity

    Treasonous liars, whatever you are being paid to do this people, generation upon generations of your family after you will live in shame and suffer karma that you have brought onto them. Viruses can’t be spread or caught

  9. Avatar

    People with no symptoms with zero chances of transmission are not cases.They are meaningless numbers to enslave us all!

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    Google how Thailand, Viet Nam handled this from Day One.

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    Biggest social experiment in history. The 🐑 and corrupt are running the show😳

  12. Avatar

    time to push back

  13. Avatar

    F these people

  14. Avatar

    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced with covid-19! No other forms of death exist either in 2020!!!!
    (99.97% survival rate; CDC)

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    WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW is MORE health and political honesty, based on evidence and integrity, and far LESS lies, deception and misleading numbers from so called "health officials", "experts", and MSM puppets.

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    It's incredible how loosely the terms "expert" and "doctor" are used these days.

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    The only "waves" we have are the ones made by these scamdemic hypocriticians.

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