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Coronavirus: Ontario facing pressure to tighten restrictions as 2nd wave intensifies

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is facing pressure from health officials to tighten restrictions as a second COVID-19 wave hits the province.

Ontario health officials said Wednesday the province could see upwards of 1,000 coronavirus cases a day in October,

The stark new forecasting comes in updated modelling from the provincial government, but does not take into account additional public measures already introduced by the Ford government.

Eric Sorensen looks at how economic fears are stacking up against fears the health-care system could be overwhelmed.

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  1. Avatar

    Locking down the sick is called Quarantine, locking down the healthy is called tyranny

  2. Avatar

    Not saying the coronavirus is not out there I don't see the second wave were just doing 4-5 times the testing than last spring

  3. Avatar
    Stephanie Whitehouse

    Lies – total lies – the testing doesnt work

  4. Avatar

    The crown of this Virus will be broken
    this Virus is not The Lord Of the Earth
    people should build upon their immunity
    the Covid 19 will lose it, killing power
    and become a flu, so the people who have
    not been taking care of themselves will be more likely to die
    You Nations need to fear the Lord of Creation
    Should your Govt. lock down the country again
    please leave the Garden Centres open,
    The Country still have to believe in growth and Beauty
    or they will Lose hope and when hope is gone there is no
    Song. no inspiration.
    Keep the Faith and walk safe

  5. Avatar

    We will not accept further restrictions. Period. I know several restaurants and businesses that will be staying open under a future lockdown speak-easy style.

    People die. COVID-19 seems an acceptable risk for most.

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    I think we should see a spike in politicians leaving office. A doubling effect perhaps a curve that can't be controlled. They will be asked to stay home for the public's safety.

  8. Avatar

    Time to start eliminating those who wear their masks.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Oh shut up 😒

  11. Avatar

    Suicides, drug overdoses, drug deaths, depression because of social disconnection, people in conflict with each other over small things because they have been shut in, divorces, family violence. Covid seems to be the least of our problems. People will not accept a complete shut down again and if the do this the economy will be totally destroyed and there will be massive unrest because people will not be able to feed themselves and their families or even be able to afford shelter. The elites who have a job and money coming in want to shut down society but care less about the ordinary person.

  12. Avatar

    We should close down all the news stations first and see if that helps the situation

  13. Avatar

    Interesting how they didn’t show the death rate. Isn’t that the most important?

  14. Avatar

    Ontario? Lol you mean Toronto….
    Don't need to lock down the whole province when it is only one city with the highest population density. Toronto has been overpopulated for a very long time and of course you can't contain it with that many people piled on-top of one another. It spreads through apartment buildings really well because of the outdated plumbing and ventilation systems. Shouldn't have allowed universities and colleges to accept out of province students as that contributed to a spike in cases…like this isn't hard to figure out. It blows my mind how difficult everyone is making it when it doesn't have to be this way at all. Just use a bit of common sense…or is sense not common anymore?

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Ninety percent of the "cases" are false positives. When will the media tell us the truth?

  17. Avatar

    One must always ask … To whose benefit? Who really benefits from these lockdowns and restrictions? Clearly not the 99%. The numbers are out weve been lied to, do not submit to this nonsense anymore. Flu season is coming and statistically covid is just another flu thats been made up to be something bigger by the media. Weve been spoonfed this crap for too long. Time to resist. Do youre research people and fight against vaccines and rules

  18. Avatar

    700 people is not a wave it’s like a small apartment building in Toronto. Stop lying Glow Ball News.

  19. Avatar

    pressure from WHO? Wake up sheeple this wont end till you say ENOUGH!

  20. Avatar

    Do people not realise yet that this is part of a global agenda. I know the virus is real but they are cases cases not deaths. Msm is lying to u to scare u.

  21. Avatar

    The msm needs restrictions as their fear mongering and TDS intensifies.

  22. Avatar

    So for those ones who don’t support total lockdown and mask wearing, instead of saying bad things or no on these two measures, can you people at least say what are the solution and alternative? The number has been rising up since the reopening.

  23. Avatar

    Its always been about the numbers which is a mistake. Unfortunately common sense is not so common anymore. Just like masks were not recommended sooner this seconds lockdown delay will only cost more lives. Too little too late.

  24. Avatar

    What is the truth. The hold truth and nothing but. Stop l.

  25. Avatar

    Imagine a virus so dangerous that you have to get tested to know you are a carrier.

    Imagine a "pandemic" so serious that the only way to know it exists is by exposing yourself to the media's constant barrage of fear mongering.

  26. Avatar

    The exact same "flatten the curve"
    lie that was used in the US.
    Don't fall for it!
    Defy orders!
    Go OUTSIDE as much as possible.
    Open your windows.
    Don't believe the lies

  27. Avatar

    Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.

  28. Avatar

    COVID has solved all other respiratory diseases,it’s a bloody miracle. It has the same characteristics,attacks at the same time of year,overwhelmingly afflicts the old and infirmed and kills the most vulnerable in Ltc homes where your life expectancy is 6 months to 2 years. Yes we used to call it influenza but when you want to enforce a New World Order we have to create PANIC.

  29. Avatar

    620 new cases……..620 cases recovered, hows this a threat and news worthy. Odd how this also coincides with the common flu that’s coming back, they knew exactly when the flu would come back and “predicted” the second wave timing. Soooo blatantly obvious a ploy.

  30. Avatar
    Anneliese Harrison

    You can't prove anything with numbers. The only pandemic is the mass media that's been bought to spread lies, deceit and misinformation. You kill the brain cells of those who listen to your broadcasts. Your followers. Numbers doesn't equal facts. The moment they hear you the moment they turn off their brain without realizing that numbers take as much critical thinking as any kind of evidence. You offer incomplete evidence, and easily manipulated numbers to scare people.

  31. Avatar

    0:40 I quit my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  32. Avatar

    I see the like to dislike ratio has no meaning anymore….

  33. Avatar
    Domenico Grimaldi

    They're testing more people than they ever have, then wonder why case numbers go up? And all this while hospitalizations and deaths aren't up at all.
    The only reason they're able to keep doing this is because we let them. Don't wear the mask, don't get tested, break every restriction possible.

  34. Avatar

    2100 ICU beds 48 being used in nowhere near an emergency no matter how many times Trudeau tells you to say it.Fake emergency is for fake eyebrow dictators.

  35. Avatar

    1:57 I have no more stress because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  36. Avatar

    you media people are clueless

  37. Avatar

    The sooner they stop testing healthy people the sooner we can get back to normal.

  38. Avatar

    When people figure out COVID is not real and a Phychological Operation (MK Ultra/Cointelpro/Operation Paperclip etc) they are literally going to lose there mind. The truth is stranger than figure. Things are not what they seem. Wake up people!

  39. Avatar

    Covid9/11 is an inside job

  40. Avatar

    The media is the enemy of the canadian people.

  41. Avatar

    To my Canadian friends. The dislikes are encouraging. Keep fighting for your freedom. Love, an American neighbor

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