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Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon announces 5-tier lockdown system for Scotland – watch live

Scotland’s first minister unveils fresh measures to tackle the spread of Covid-19. The plan will be debated and voted on at Holyrood next week before potentially coming into force on 2 November

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    Better job then bojo

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    López Obrador Aztec Eagle

    More then 11 millions of
    undocumented immigrants esencial workers getting up early every morning to work hard every day making America great
    With out afraid corona virus

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    i thought it was only a 3 tier lockdown never heard of a 5 wait and see on that one

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    She looks happy about her plan

  5. Avatar

    5 tier cuz she wants to make it different – she loves the power. Scotland how do u put up with her. What a toad

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    I think Scotland should get rid William Wallace would be turning in his grave as he fought for Scotland to have freedom now look at it under lock down number 5.what happened to 3 in competition with boris Johnson I think cos boris Johnson will follow it's a game of tig

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    so three tier is too complicated to understand and implement, so add two more and that will make it easier and clearer ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    She will have brown coats on the streets eventually

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    Stefan Kwiatkowski

    "this event has not yet started"
    500 down-votes already 😂👍🤠

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    How can anyone take this woman serious I’m always waiting for her to finish her speech with fandabbydozzy ffs.

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    REMEMBER CHILDERS if you are naughty and dont comply nannie will cancel christmas

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    She always has to do something different to England to prove a point. Nobody thinks more tiers is a better idea. She’s a joke and running on an ego trip.

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    Mad Cow disease is back!

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    No sympathy for Pub's, fancy trying to sell Drugs ( Alcohol ) to people during a pandemic! It is proven to lower your immune system. As for Christmas it's just another day, it is our own insecurity's that project themselves onto this day. Making it somehow more important than another day. I think we all need to grow up a little. If you have children then guess what, they can't go trick or treating, they cant go see a bonfire and no they cant go see Nan and Grandad, even at Christmas. I'm sure they will cope just fine.

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    Is there a tier where covid infected MP's can travel around the country at will ?.

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