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Coronavirus: New data shows COVID-19 in Canada slowly declining

New federal modelling shows COVID-19 transmission across Canada is largely under control, with the exception of some significant hotspots.

But as Eric Sorensen reports, experts are warning Canadians not to get complacent.

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    🍁 Wow! The flu slowed down during the Summer? 😲

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    Covids a hoax shit4brains


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    Stay out of long term care facilities and youre golden

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    Darlene Sjostrom

    It has been declining quite a while in BC!

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    Darlene Sjostrom

    Don't tell me that bloody fool is going to open the border!! OMG!

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    Keep them out !

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    No way border opens July 21.

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    UHH Little Potato might have to get back to work. Any bets as to how long ?

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    Well the affect of BLM protests hasn’t kicked in yet.

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