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Coronavirus: Millions of Londoners to be banned from mixing indoors as city moves into Tier 2

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced that the capital will face Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions.

It means millions of people will be banned from meeting those from other households indoors, whether that’s in their home or in a pub.

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  1. Avatar

    Someone will be here to comment ..this is all hoax and fake..until he gets covid

  2. Avatar

    wtf is He wearing?

  3. Avatar

    CNN literally invented the 24 hr, everything is breaking news hysteria

  4. Avatar

    The power to control a population must be intoxicating to those in power. Sure being smart makes sense but I think these people are addicted to the power of population control using fear as their ammunition. 😐

  5. Avatar
    Krystian Cybulski

    Weird coincident all this happening just after brexit.

  6. Avatar

    Je suis un jeune Algérien de la wilaya de Sidi Bel Abbas, 28 ans, sans travail et sans père. J'ai un cancer de la thyroïde. J'ai fait deux chirurgies et j'ai besoin, s'il vous plaît, d'aide pour faire de l'iode radioactif. Il y a un hôpital en Algérie fermé à cause de Corona et les rendez-vous durent plus d'un an. S'il vous plaît quelqu'un qui m'aide à faire de l'iode radioactif pour éliminer Cancer caché, s'il vous plaît, mon frère … ma sœur … ma mère … mon ami2130662436689

  7. Avatar
    Michael I. Akhiwu

    I guess Sadiq is starting to embrace the roadman culture.

  8. Avatar

    The common cold and the flu. Wake up people, it's total bullshit.

  9. Avatar

    Comment section is golden!! people know this is all Bullshit! fk off bean counters!!

  10. Avatar

    The dislike ratio and comments on these videos give me a small glimmer of hope, but I can only hope that it translates into the real world through mass civil disobedience of these tyrannical and harmful restrictions.

  11. Avatar

    How about keeping the weak and old people at home and everyone else crack on?

  12. Avatar

    This cannot be allowed to happen. It's blatant that the actual facts are intentionally being ignored and they are simply pushing through this BS agenda now.

  13. Avatar

    Maybe they should just nuke the site from orbit, it' s the only way to be sure it dose'nt get to tier 3

  14. Avatar

    Locking down is just gonna ruin people’s lives even more. They are pulling peoples livelihoods down around them and saying “now thank us for saving your life”

  15. Avatar

    .0001% (one tenth of 1%) of the tested population is positive, according to Mr. Khan. It is not a death sentence for the population. The official response of locking people down in their place seems to be absurd.

  16. Avatar

    Bill Gates will be riding over the hill, saving us all, with his magical vaccine! what a Joke!

  17. Avatar

    Maybe the crime on london streets will drop now……

  18. Avatar

    More smelly people like him are all over the country in hotels , this whole thing is bollocks

  19. Avatar

    They should make school online !!

  20. Avatar

    EVERYONE. Watch this documentary. It will explain everything about how the world is really run – https://www.bitchute.com/video/YlG4gvmGsx4R/

  21. Avatar

    No one is sick here in London everyone is getting on with there day to day life/business we even forgot there was a virus 😂🤣 all the hospital are empty here in London know one is sick stop the lies fake news. I believe the government is afraid to see people are not buying into there lies anymore and they are afraid people are waking up and not scared anymore period so now they are putting in more restrictions so people can’t live there life with the basic freedoms they choose. What is this behaviour 😂🤣😂🤣😂💀💀💀

  22. Avatar

    This agenda is just pushing to make the vaccine mandatory period that’s why they are doing all of this period

  23. Avatar

    Can we have another Guy Fawkes to try to blow up parliament again?… Please?…

  24. Avatar

    Everyone get back to normal life, then lets examine who has been pushing this agenda!

  25. Avatar

    Yeah, try enforcing the none mixing in Hounslow, Hackney, Southall, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Ealing, etc

  26. Avatar

    So when do we fight back?!?

  27. Avatar

    What's that God-awful smell, oh yeah 🐂💩. I'd love to see a camera crew go into the hospitals and film all these people with this lie virus

  28. Avatar

    Doesn't he just love the power.

  29. Avatar

    How is Japan doing…..yes it's doing just fine, all without this lockdown bs…what is going on?

  30. Avatar

    All lies… Where are the bio hazard bins then to collect the used masks?? Why are people not walking around in haz mat suits collecting them also?? Pandemic of the mind only..

  31. Avatar

    Failure after failure, this gov is….

  32. Avatar

    Over what, like 40 people in hospital with it? The pandemic is over, none of this is about the virus now. This is a cull on the economy and population

  33. Avatar

    Looks like a ISIS video

  34. Avatar

    Let us all practice non-compliance! We are the many!! Down with the plutocratic manipulative establishment!!

  35. Avatar

    f u i will not take noticed from any of these pedophiles the sheep need to wake up SMFH

  36. Avatar

    Why ban ? The Covid virus only has one advantage. That would be all of us. We move it around person to person. Without us it can't continue. We will help it along until we all get this virus and that's just the truth.

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    It's time for this Corrupt Government to be done for TREASON.

  39. Avatar

    nonsense, absolute nonsense

  40. Avatar

    How is he even still in that job ?

  41. Avatar

    Another move to destroy London

  42. Avatar


  43. Avatar

    Great to see Sky news videos getting more dislikes than likes.
    and eventually they turn off comments.

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