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Coronavirus Makes Travel Cheaper, But Should You Book? | WSJ

As the coronavirus forces would-be travelers to stay indoors, travel deals are popping up online. Don’t be easily swayed. WSJ’s Scott McCartney breaks down how to avoid risky travel. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    If you can get a voucher of some kind, it might be worth it???

  2. Avatar

    Saying international travel is too risky for the whole rest of the year seems a bit aggressive… If you can snag a deal to travel to travel winter 2020 I'd go for it! 🌴 ✈️

  3. Avatar

    This reminds me of the spring breakers in Florida

  4. Avatar

    Floating peatri dish trips cheap , flying peatri dish trips are cheap , the peatri bus ought to be real cheap at the moment. might need to stay in your own pond for a while.

  5. Avatar

    All big nations banned airtravel domestic & international.

  6. Avatar

    Wait, you are willing to risk your life for a couple hundred USD of cheaper airfare. Right……say it after me……"I am a proud Klingon, today is a good day to die."

  7. Avatar

    Repeat after me…."I am learning from Warren Buffett, I invest my money in cheap stocks in this virus outbreak. After this is over, I make tons more money at the end, by avoiding travels and staying alive."

  8. Avatar

    What Question is this? By traveling, one would not only risk getting exposed to COVID 19 but also a unknowingly carrier of COVID 19 thereby spreading it more.

  9. Avatar

    All pakistanis should visit china right now

  10. Avatar

    = Stay HOME. Keep yourself and OTHERS safe.

  11. Avatar

    A friend of mine got a ticket from Cleveland to LA for $35

  12. Avatar

    The Wall Street Journal proving, unsurprisingly, that they would put business ahead of everything else.

  13. Avatar

    Already BOOKED SUCKERS LOL!!!!

  14. Avatar

    For the majority of us, no. Save your cash, as you are most likely using your rainy day fund at the moment. If you have excess income, then go right ahead.

  15. Avatar

    It's like saying
    hey do you want a cocktail of ebola for only 9.99?

  16. Avatar

    Maybe it’s time to build wall between West and East. 🤪

  17. Avatar

    Answer will be different for different ppl!

  18. Avatar


    Americans love a bargain.

  19. Avatar

    if everyone takes flight now as they are cheap they will raise ticket prices again

  20. Avatar

    WSJ…you should be ashamed of yourselves for being associated with ANYTHING regarding travel. Ya nitwits!

  21. Avatar

    The deals are strange. I decided to go on vacation Monday and visit family. LA to Phoenix $134 roundtrip but I could have visited my sister is Boston for just $56 round trip. If it my time to go its my time to go Covid don't rule my life!

  22. Avatar

    I visited my brother in Florida for $40 round trip from NJ for 3 days.

  23. Avatar

    Let's just say you chose to travel… Then the best question is 'Where?'

  24. Avatar

    Uh, nope. Your at huge risk.
    I believe that the domestic airlines will shut down for a week, eff 31st of March.

  25. Avatar

    I think it's VITAL we all stay home so as to facilitate chronic masturbation.

  26. Avatar

    Would you Book a Trip for late May early June???

  27. Avatar

    I will take my chances! I think it is a good time to travel internationally if you go to a safe country!

  28. Avatar

    Stay Home Stay Safe ! Don’t be a covidiot

  29. Avatar

    Booked a trip to Cuba. Wouldn't mind getting stuck on a beach there away from everything…

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