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Coronavirus: Johnson & Johnson pauses vaccine trials after “unexplained illness”

Another COVID-19 vaccine trial, this time from Johnson & Johnson, is being paused after one of its participants developed an unexplained illness.

In a statement posted to its website, the company said the person’s illness is being reviewed and evaluated by the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board along with the company’s own physicians. Eric Sorensen explains why experts are saying the trial suspension may be a good thing.

Plus, the U.S. has seen a new surge of COVID-19 cases across 37 states in the past two weeks, with several states setting new records. Jackson Proskow looks at how the virus remains very much a political issue in America.

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    No one wants to vaccination ,no one wants the Mark of the beast. Bill Gates his humanity crimes around the world and his other illuminati minions to go to jail.

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    Causing and unusual illness ??? causing Brain DAMAGE perhaps ??

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    Johnson an johnson give cancer to people

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    Miguel Mouta Mouta

    How can one make a safe vaccine without any safe immunological Gold Standard known? All this COVID-19 circus is very dishonest and tyrannical.

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    I had the virus at the end of April, and I understand What to do, so: I took 4x 20mg Piroxicam EG + 20 spirulina tablets and the serious severe symptoms disappeared !!! (+ 2 dafalgan for T °) and very happy not to have been to die in hospital, at this time anti-inflammatory were prohibited, dangerous lolll now there is progress … they give Medrol an anti -inflammatory but which is not made for the brain … unfortunately some thousands more of deaths in perspective …
    best Regards from Kingdom of Belgium

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    We don’t need a vaccine! There is no pandemic! This is medical tyranny and you are all complicit in this crime.

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    Johnson and Johnson, the company proven to put carcinogens in their products INCLUDING their baby products. All vaccines have them anyway though including other things like, animals parts and blood, chicken eggs and embryos and aborted stems cells. That doesn’t even cover all the other things that is included that cause a myriad of lifetime health problems like immune diseases, cancer and death!

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    Just like infant vaccinations. They cause autism and other illnesses but they refuse to admit it. In that case, I agree with parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated. They know what it does, they just refuse to admit it.

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