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Coronavirus: 'It's a grave situation for business'

British Chambers of Commerce director general Adam Marshall says businesses across the UK are frustrated and angry.

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  1. Avatar

    Now theres two people who can tell businesses are going down im so glad of them.

  2. Avatar

    Protect the vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with it

  3. Avatar

    am leaving the uk if mandatory vaccinations and microchipping is not introducded by feb 2021

  4. Avatar
    No Justice For Me

    Grave Situation sounds Bad!!!

  5. Avatar

    Poor choice in words under the circumstances.

  6. Avatar

    Stop consenting to this plandemic nonsense it will soon end .

  7. Avatar

    They have put us in a forever loop of battling a non existent virus so they can strip away our rights and freedoms. Enforce UN sustainable development 2030 goals across the UK. Destroying the working class in the process so everyone becomes reliant on this tyranical state. This will result in people having to submit to what ever they bring in going forward and to accept the technocratic controlled police state that they have put in place. This will in fact over time reduce the population as they will be speeding up our deaths through the vaccination/immunity digital passport program and all the other draconian measures that they're putting in place. Their even planning to alter and change our food. Life is not going back to normal. Wakey Wakey.

  8. Avatar

    Are the young business people suggesting the elderly just role over and die ? Will it be euthanise the over 65's to save the UK economy ?

  9. Avatar

    They have lost all their Conservative support for these socialists restrictions. Hopefully this is the end of the two parties.

  10. Avatar

    Why not look at Sweden?

  11. Avatar
    Narcissco Capital

    Propoganda & total liars

  12. Avatar

    poor choice of words, isn't it

  13. Avatar

    Covid 19 does not exist.

  14. Avatar

    Their killing business over a flu that many people won't even know they've got it…. hilarious and it continues what a sham.

  15. Avatar

    The test they are using to justify lockdowns, masks, house arrests and fear can detect the virus 78 days after infection, it’s a scam!

  16. Avatar
    Андрей Игоревич


  17. Avatar

    It’s becoming totally demoralising , the gov is OTT

  18. Avatar

    I am sick of Government figures being massaged. The (ONS) are more trustworthy & show 58,000 Covid deaths vs Govts 43,000 figure – The most interesting statistic is how we are at 68,000 more deaths this year than our yearly average but the Govt are reporting 43,000 being Covid – 25.000 extra deaths vanished !!! If TRUE figures were shown, companies would be more understanding and tolerant of restrictions.

  19. Avatar

    Sorry for writing here, this is not my best idea!
    Please support the Ukrainian startup.
    This project is a space for Ukrainian content.
    This is an inspiration for young, talented Ukrainians to create Ukrainian content and implement their ideas.
    And sorry for google-translate)

  20. Avatar

    Great conversation.

  21. Avatar

    Why did sky delete the story about police being shared track and trace information on those who have been told to isolate??? I was watching that!

  22. Avatar

    What are these people actually talking about? Recently I watched a video by The Corbett Report called A Guide to the Great Reset. I can't believe what it said, need to do some research but I think it should be banned.

  23. Avatar

    At first lockdown they said 3 weeks lasted 3 month.Also they say new normal.So lockdown ,mask are to last forever.Nothing is temporary ,the lied .We supposed to oppose from beginning ,first lockdown was a obedience test.Welcome to new normal.

  24. Avatar

    Its not grave business for undertakers……..

  25. Avatar

    The governments are crashing the world economy to enslave humanity for their one world government. This is all planned!

  26. Avatar

    Official Canadian Flu figures 2019 42,000 people infected. Canadian Flu figures 2020 6 people infected! Scam!

  27. Avatar
    World Mayhem Organisation

    Sky propaganda service.

  28. Avatar

    Another couple of emotionless script readers.

  29. Avatar

    Sage is controlled by Billy boy, they have no credibility.

  30. Avatar
    call of duty ruined my life 987

    The vaccine will be dangerous.

  31. Avatar

    Social distancing is the problem, remove that and businesses can operate a normal capacity

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar
    Bolingbroke Range

    China has achieved great economic development via state owned control of commercial and small business alike helping them become a youthful superpower amongst nations like Britain which now need to follow in the same steps through essentially deceit all be it creative in such ways as pushing or even coercing businesses to not accept cash or the furlough schemes quietly indebting our countries employers.but throwing stones in a glass house and in fairness to Beijing they have actually achieved an empire status through how we falsely paint ours.with no invading army they do it through commerce and innovation whether we choose to accept that or not, so essentially our disapproval of there methods and development as a nation is misplaced. It’s the very attitude we should imply to what is happening on our streets right now.

  34. Avatar

    There are too many that will not follow the guidelines so "circuit breakers" will not work in the UK. It's shaping up to be a difficult winter, and the Brexit saga makes it even more troublesome …

  35. Avatar

    Grave situation for small businesses for sure.

  36. Avatar
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Elderly to be sacrificed again by keeping them out of hospitals in care homes,spreading again covid-19 like happened on 1st wave?

  37. Avatar
    Azerbaycan Azerbaijan

    Armenia, leave Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 lands ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  38. Avatar
    Azerbaycan Azerbaijan

    Armenia , back to your village to India ❗️❗️❗️

  39. Avatar
    Azerbaycan Azerbaijan

    🆘Armenia, stop terror!!! Armenia , stop genocide!!!Armenia, back to your village to India!!! Armenia, leave Azerbaijan lands!!!❗️❗️❗️

  40. Avatar

    The Government MHRA infecting people with covid 19 Antigen Test and Trace kits which contain Coronavirus hazardous pathogens when used Swabs are then administered in to individuals

  41. Avatar

    Hate China 🇨🇳 China used pay for every think

  42. Avatar

    What a bloody mess god help us love u all stay safe

  43. Avatar

    In the case of the novel coronavirus and COVID19, the CDCTrusted Source notes that CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses. wtf

    So some of us started doing something most of us hadn't really seen before in the UK to stop transmission wearing surgical face masks!

    July20 basic face coverings became mandatory however something more heavy duty especially in large cities is required.

    Today the infections are increasing, germs are everywhere people get sick and infected easily So to protect people from these type of infections 6 ply carbon safety masks have been made, it has unique qualities which makes this mask special and far better than other masks
    These masks are now here in the UK since June 🙁

  44. Avatar

    They can't cure a cold sore never mind covid. it can't be stopped the quick every one gets it the better

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar
    John Buffalo I am 97

    Leicester won the soccer league

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