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Coronavirus is Straining Hospitals. Here's How Innovators Are Helping. | NYT News

Health care workers are facing a serious shortage of critical equipment needed to treat the coronavirus. We spoke to the makers who are building innovative protective gear and ventilators for them.

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    Hi! I'm Haley, a producer on this piece. Right now, we're seeing that health care workers treating the coronavirus are in desperate need of more medical and personal protective equipment. Stocks are disappearing. The CDC has said scarves or bandanas can be used for protection as a last resort. My mother is a nurse practitioner, and she even told me about how her hospital is rationing PPE and monitoring who can wear it. Another doctor told us that every day, they worry about when they'll run out of ventilators needed to help patients breathe. Right now, governments and manufacturers aren't keeping up with the demand.

    So I decided to speak with some of the folks working on solutions. They're a wide range of innovators, from scientists to high school students. A lot of them share their designs through online platforms like Slack and then field test them with medical professionals. One design was a laser-cut face shield to protect against droplets; another, a ventilator prototype made from a wide variety of materials, including car parts. There was also the 3-D printable alternative for the N95 respirator — the engineers told me that it would even go through the same NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) testing as certified N95 masks. Some of this equipment, like the face shields, is already in the hands of clinicians. For many of them, it's the only option.

    If you have any questions about these efforts or anything else you see in the video, I'll be answering down below. Thanks for watching! Stay safe and healthy.

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    Im so glad the president sent a personal letter to North Korea tho 😑

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    Just tell the doctors masks don't work like they did the American public

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    Engineers and scientists will save our world and improve our lives, not 'gods', Imams, Priests and charlatans.

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    Just put big plastic bottles on your heads like they were doing in China.

    It does not need to look cool to keep you safe

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    This is the humanity good willing, not what governors want people to do, they want people to feel down to feel no one is helping them when there is always good people who care and do things to help

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    Even mother converted her tailor shop to stitch together masks. The virus had just arrived to Guatemala.

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    China can help you for mass production

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    In the war against covid-19, the dedicated doctors, nurses, and medical teams are the brave soldiers in the front line. Surely, they are badly in need for enough medical equipment and tools to make victory. Hearty Prayers for safety to all.

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    Now they're deciding to design masks? Too late. You should've been thinking about this earlier

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    More white male inventors. Why not promote female and POC inventors?

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    My husband would like to get involved. He is a mechanical engineer and has some good ideas for face shields. He can be reached at 866diode@gmail.com . His name is Douglas Piccard.

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    Dont you think that this is all weird, china start to recover while the rest of the world start suffering from this virus, almost all countries face the same issues, the lack of ppe, no mask, no handsanitizer… We are not ready for this virus except china… I am not trying to spread the rumor… But this is just weird

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    Please i know you tube aint god but man please bless these people on the front line who put their own lives at risk to save others…such a selfless act in the mist of fear

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    That shield ain't gonna work still needs mask n for the eyes as well

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    Scientists and engineers!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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    Scientists and engineers to the rescue… Go my people…

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    China saying 0 new cases…Ha…never Trust communist Chinese words still got camps to put people against them No YouTube Hello?

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    These masks and Face shields are useless Unless someone spits on you

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    these protections are useless if the virus is airborne for 3 hours.

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    Social media has got people pimping themselves so hard. It's like a world full of pimps. I think more people are focused on virtue signaling and marketing themselves than actually engineering products which is why it probably won't work.

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    I can always use my lunch paper bags as cover for last resort 😁😉

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    It doesn't make sense/ first off it depends on how the mask is being used or filtration system. Is it to stop them from getting and spreading, moisture from their mouth when talking eating? What about their eyes, a gateway.. and even the nose. So its the, what is needed not what is used.

    If one just wants to cover the mouth. There are a plethora of materials some better than others some that can be cured in certain liquids that act as a barrier against other debris like dust. Even cutting up a shirt? Goggles is a pretty good measure… painters mask, heavy duty, to cotton, to even filtration fabrics from say furnace vents, to (a water engineer showed me this one) you can buy a type of fabric, that comes in like sheets, forgot what it was for, but instead of buying the 50 $ replacement filters for his fish he would just change the filter every three months with this stuff by cutting it out… Then there are washable filters… What type of filters to vacuums use. Well some use sponges.. Which is pretty interesting and effective at trapping small dust and particulate.. So what is needed? Eyewear? Masks? Gloves?
    Technically you don't need gloves if you do't have cuts and you wash your hands well. It could enter through your cuticle in what I read, but that seems like it would certainly need lots biomass interaction to do so.
    Eyewear… probably should be a standard anyways… what would be needed… one just needs see.. so hmm…

    Then there is masks… because we communicate and eat… the particles could even attach to our lips when we keep them closed or enter the eyes.. .OOO… how far does one go. I think if your frontline interacting with the sick, mask, eye, gloves are important… but more over physical distance is important.. 😀 For about 8k one could empty a second hand clothing store. And begin washing and cutting and drying the fabrics and making masks. Depends on the purpose or intent.

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    How about irradiating used mask to sterilize them and reuse them ? Like this:

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    I am so proud of all the people coming together like this to help the health providers. #Respect

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    please add a covering. this would keep the virus out of the hair.

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    Do you guys ever think something is very wrong

    Xi xinping wearing just a simple mask while visiting wuhan the epicentre of the outbreak? At the peak of the outbreak that too

    Whereas Vladimir Putin putting on a hazmat suit and entering an affected hospital in moscow?!!!

    Now why in the world is china busy stockpiling and hoarding in excess surplus of oil barrels while the stock share prices are down?
    While the world is busy with corona and stocking on tissue papers? Huh!


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    Doctors don’t care because there’s not enough CPT codes to bill for COVID.

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    Solution to safely reuse PPE: Beam irradiation to sterilize them :

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    UK Gov't Just Admitted C-19 is "NOT a High Consequence Infectious Disease!

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    The world needs smart people who love to save lives

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    My friends in China told me that prices on masks at local stores went up 300%. I guess they picked up on this capitalist thing pretty well..lol Plus the USA had three months to get ready for this outbreak and they alone are responsible for the leadership that is currently in charge in DC. Let them lose their souls.

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    They are doing so much good. I was able to get 12 mask and give them to my local hospital 😅

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    It reminds me of world war 2 when automotive manufactures halted production of cars for the war effort. Then again this is a world war, a world war against a virus.

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    I work at fast food and the district manager told my co-worker to take off his face mask because she said she didn't want to scare off any customers

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    Now the way i heard it this virus was created by Sadam Hussein in baby incubators he had recently obtained while simultaneously hide his WMD's and leprechauns pot of gold. He then had the Easter bunny AND Santa transport the virus to China riding on Chubracabras. Then David Hogg and. Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook witnessed the first patients being brought to the ER…. where they mutated into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. But luckily the doctors had proton packs and defeated it. . True story

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    If we weren't such a vain species, millions of women would be re-purposing their bras right now.

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    That's how we need to fight a #pandemic, Not by putting people into #trouble rather than #Helping them out of it.

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