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Coronavirus in Germany: Bavaria on lockdown, is Berlin next? | DW News

So far Germany has held back on introducing a nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But numerous individual states have been tightening restrictions on public life in an attempt to stop the virus’s spread. Now the states of Saarland and Bavaria have ordered that people be confined to their homes. In Berlin authorities have as yet taken a less stringent approach to public spaces in battling the virus. They’ve only shut down some places like playgrounds. Parks have remained open. But they were much less popular on a mostly sunny day in the German capital. Officials have threatened a much wider crack down should too many people flout the advice to stay mostly indoors.


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    Jetzt eindämmen, damit wir nach und nach erkranken und jeder beatmet und behandelt werden kann!

    Wieso wird da noch herumüberlegt?!
    Es gibt kaum Pflegepersonal, es fehlt an Schutzkleidung und Beatmungsgeräten ganz zu schweigen von wirksamen Medikamenten…

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    from my observation as a person who work at airport, Chinese take serious precaution, every single chinese are very careful with their health, 100% of all chinese wear masks. some would wear 2 mask stacked on top of another, however it's a miles different for people in Europe. most of them are not wearing mask. this is why chinese beat the virus so quickly

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    People?Most of the ministers are unpors. Health officials advisors IASs visits for fun. Mera samney yehlog koun hai?Fortget about their rank and file oto mai kobhibhi utar sakta hu inlogoka.Waqat bananey boplo nahito sobki rank and files na .Malum hai na tujhey Armimay kaisay utarti hai?

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    Not quarantining Berliners due to fears of increased domestic violence 🤣

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    China was caught cheating in the August 2019 Wuhan military games…in retaliation virus was released.

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    Well let's make sure Marco gets the virus and anybody who looks like her. Just think how many of parliament are going to get sick

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    Halloween begins, the second part .

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    stay home please all of you stay home

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    Was Bavarian cream donuts invented here???

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    What. Rise in child abuse in germany

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    May Lord Jesus bless us with divine protection from our invisible enemy. .

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    Is this the German version of RT?

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    The Netherlands testing rarely, keeping people fooled with our small number of infections

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    katalizazion morgen und heute

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    Lock down ASAP! Stay alive first , anything else next!

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    It's time for America, Canada, Australia, Europe and the rest of the western world to stop dealing with the repressive and tyrannical totalitarian communist China which reportedly has been experimenting on biological weapons that eventually got exposed from their laboratory in Wuhan and got released to the public that resulted to this novel corona virus pandemic, causing panic, hysteria, anxiety, social & economic chaos, and deaths around the world. Countries around the world should band together and CENSURE China at the United Nations for this atrocity and other violations of international laws, human rights and other norms of civilized behavior, without prejudice to claims for pecuniary and other damages that may be filed against China's CCP party.

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    Summer season does not guarantee it will slowdown the spread of the virus. Many countries in Southeast Asia which are tropical countries so literally everyday is a summer but the surge of cases is so very high and alarming.

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    Germany is doing fine ,dont worry, stats are the best,the country where few have died,maybe the no of ventilators

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    Declare quarantine Germany!!!

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    Klaatu: If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives. There are only a handful of planets in the cosmos that are capable of supporting complex life.
    Helen: You can't do this.
    Klaatu: This one can't be allowed to perish.
    Helen: We can change. We can still turn things around.
    Klaatu:: We have watched. We have waited and hoped that you would change.
    Helen: Please.
    Klaatu: It has reached the tipping point. We have to act.
    Helen: Please.
    Klaatu: We will undo the damage you have done and give the Earth a chance to begin again.
    Helen: Don't do this. Please, we can change. We can change.
    Klaatu: The decision is made. The process has begun.

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    Don’t worry, the govt. will give you free money 💰 so you can sit at home and order bat- soup 🍜 and pangolin burger 🍔 on AMAZON.DE to go.

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    I also think the ppl of Germany are looking at Italy and know this is going to happen there and in the UK too , we knew in January about the virus effects bt our governments were non committal, we like other countries have spies and none of them knew about this , the governments need to be held accountable and that is you job Boris !!!

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    In America you can’t wear masks 😷 because there are none to buy. What’s worse is that almost all of our hospitals are saying that they are running out and cannot get anymore let alone other protective equipment. Not sure if that’s the same in other countries but we are about to get hit by the wave and have no protective gear for it other then sneezing into the crook of our elbow.
    What of other countries around the world? Can you as a citizen buy masks or are they hard to come by?

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    It worked because it rains and yesterday also rained

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    Since lockdown, we have more alcohol intoxication cases, than coronas on the head

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    Nobody thinks there’s something wrong with the entire world shutting down🤔
    Sounds like one world or
    New world 🌎 order..🤔
    My question is what kind of plague hits an entire world unless the world has done something very wrong.. Sleep 😴 on

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    None of this would have happened if Germany won the war!

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    Above all God is speaking to human kind. If you have ears here. if you have eyes see. be your brothers sisters keeper.

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    it is hard to see my Hometown and my Home like this. But i know its the right thing to do… i hope the Humanity will overcome Corona soon

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    Now I understand why Germany's death rate is so low. Switzerland, home to WHO,is a disaster waiting to happen…….

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    The beginning of things to come. be ware!

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    This is a punishment from Allah to all world because they not speak against india bcz india lock down kashmir almost 8 month but no one speak against India Moodi act

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    Munich was so empty today when I went to buy things. May God almighty protect us and heal as many that has contacted this deadly virus, in jesus mighty name

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    Bio weapon been released get ready for nwo.

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    China shd pay for the Biowarfare it has unleashed on the World

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    not only Germany it's all Europ and then the USA and Canada south America all this country will get a hard hit from this virus more than China and Italy cuz western world full of sins

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    If one is sick they should stay home to save lives. If one is healthy and taking care of themself? As long as they steer clear of the ill, they could go out and be fine.

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    Lord please heal your wonderful land and all the problems we are having today.

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    Monitoring peoples behaviour is a mistake cue for declaring total lockdown, Human lives is more important than its Rights at this moment of crisis.

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