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Coronavirus: 'I caught Covid at my uncle's funeral' – BBC News

Binu, a construction worker in the southern Indian state of Kerala, sorely regrets attending his uncle’s funeral. He caught Covid-19 at the ceremony and spread it to at least another eight people.

Despite a recent surge in infections, Kerala with its well-equipped public health system is better equipped than some other Indian states to deal with the crisis.

Kamalamma, a health worker sharing information on the virus from door to door in the state, says older and infirm people are largely taking precautions but that younger people are still less concerned about the disease.

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    How much did Binu get paid for this little mock up?..

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    Report on the lockdown protests

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    I caught the flu at a shopping mall! ⁣I wish I was wise enough to know that we can not change the world for the better. Having said that, I can not help being ignorant enough to try and make the world a better place. If you are ignorant like me you can vote to end the evil on newsflash 3 https://brandnewtube.com/v/HmrHmg

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    China virus Wuhan


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    Dont pay the fee🙂

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    Nicely produced report

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    Honestly 2020 has been one of the healthiest years of my life.

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    Lol fuck off probably works for BBC, just acting, not fooling me.

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    Holy crap! He caught it and spread it to 8 people??? Thank God the test results are so (in)accurate and we are able to trace every possible case. At least he's wearing a mask now, which is totally (in)effective at stopping the transmission of viral particulates. Let this be a lesson to anyone who tries to perform any kind of social interaction outside of government approved activities!

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    Violent revolution on the way soon

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    A Notice of Liability – Haftungserklärung – has been served to the President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen, for a Crime against Humanity with the Handling of the Coronavirus Crisis.
    We did a LIVE-streamed Press Conference straight afterwards in Linz, Austria to announce the END OF THE CRISIS OF 2020!
    Freedom for Humanity!!! We are STRONG and we are SUCCESSFUL!!!

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    The Peruvian government said on Thursday that it refused to sign a coronavirus vaccine purchase agreement with AstraZeneca PLC because it did not provide sufficient data from its studies and offered minimal amounts of inoculations.

    Prime Minister Walter Martos said in a news conference that the government had asked AstraZeneca for data from its vaccine studies, but that the firm had not sent the information.

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    Moral of the story, don’t go to funerals?

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    Foreign news again. No uk news.

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    Population control from the deep state…

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    We all wore masks at my dad's funeral, I was happy to do that for him and my family😢

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    Boris Johnson admits that PCR Tests produce 93% FALSE positives https://brandnewtube.com/v/99ipGV

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    Why are you showing this? Want to scare us attending the last rites and close down funerals again? Very inappropriate.

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    filing a vulnerability report

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    Chinese wuhan coronavirus last for a long time and spread quickly due to lower mortality rates. Elderly is more vulnerable to it. When Chinese wuhan coronavirus first outbreak in china,it is timing for opportunity to prevent world being suffered . But,China and WHO didn't warn for selfish reason. It has such an impact on our life and globalized economy.

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    No one cares. This reporting is garbage. Defund the bbc

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    WOW he look so ILL I am so scared now!!!! Help me lock me down Daddy Government …… Or how about you do one 😀 lol

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    andreal Jackson kaheri

    Please stop your propoganda 🙏

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    Lorna Ginette Harrison

    This comment section is depressing af.
    Just SO MANY PEOPLE willing to be reckless with other people’s lives, because they’re fed up with the restrictions, proudly declaring they’re happy for the vulnerable members of society to die.

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    Masks give you dog breath.

    Prove it was COVID.

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    No mention of the mass protest down London Saturday (again ), but covers an article in India that’s probably fake news. No wonder they are inundated with defunding.

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    As someone who speaks Malayalam, the translations are not all correct. They do deviate a little bit and in some places, they do not match up with what he or she said at all. It is not wrong entirely and you get the gist of the message, however, there were some statements that were poorly translated.

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