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Coronavirus: Hundreds attend anti-lockdown protest in London

Eighteen people have been arrested and three police officers injured after anti-lockdown protests in central London.

Demonstrators made their way through the city with banners and placards, calling for ‘freedom’ and an end to COVID-19 restrictions.

At least two people were led away in handcuffs from Trafalgar Square, while there was also some disruption on Westminster Bridge as officers tried to disperse crowds.

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  1. Avatar

    unreliable source of information again, sky fake news they should call themselves.

  2. Avatar

    What a gaggle of mongs.

  3. Avatar

    All the UK will be like this situation for 30, years

  4. Avatar

    We have a small loud group of those Muppets here in Ireland also. 🙄 If they don't like it just shut up stay at home and don't be endangering the rest of us . If one of their mothers die from Covid they won't be full of anarchy then !

  5. Avatar

    Dont stop them let them get the virus. 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Consequences of making enemy with china

  7. Avatar

    £1000 fine to every single one of them,thats what should be done.

  8. Avatar

    Why are people so dumb to think that they can just do this and put not only their families but other’s families it’s just selfish

  9. Avatar

    No commentary. Did Sky even record the footage? Do they want a tier 3 lockdown in London just so they have something to report? Wouldn't surprise me if they sponsored this protest at this point…

    I am wondering if all the PPV sports is making up for the lack of spectators? I don't know what cut they have but i am sure some clubs are missing out on their revenue?

  10. Avatar

    I know of someone who has been anti lockdown etc. he's dead now, caught the virus! just because it hasn't hit your friends and family! doesn't mean it doesn't exists! your very lucky!! I have had friends who have had it and its no laughing matter!

  11. Avatar

    No masks = risk to safety. Should be fined 10k

  12. Avatar


    Enough bullshit now the people figured it out… Eventually!

  13. Avatar
    jacqulinne poulard

    The fake toilet news like sky uk have to show the peaceful protest and shows thats its not people who believe in conspiracy theories protesting even tho conspiracy theories is facts but these people are doctors nurses everyone who's suffering from this globalist world scam .but look how long the clip was from the protest less than one mins from sky news what a disgrace

  14. Avatar

    Deffo thousands not hundreds

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Get it right ! There were thousands their who don't believe the virus is real or care for those vulnerable to it should it be real !! Blatentry the police too for none are wearing masks !!! It must be a hoax or many will be infected as the North go into full lockdown !! 😂😂😂

  17. Avatar

    F'ing Sky News lying… there were over 12,000 people there !! and would have been more if it wasnt raining 🙂

  18. Avatar
    gglaffite Machine

    An other media fake news… There were thousands! Disgusting

  19. Avatar

    sly news downplaying the number, again

  20. Avatar
    Alphanatrix1067 *

    Sky news needs to go back to school perhaps to revise how to count.

  21. Avatar

    Fake biased news !!

  22. Avatar

    Hahaha hundreds nice joke

  23. Avatar

    Viva la rivoluzione, ormai in Europa regna la dittatura

  24. Avatar

    It's the not wanting a lockdown but actively increasing the rate of transmission at a super spreader event like this that does it for me

  25. Avatar

    These are irresponsible, selfish, imbeciles. Will they protest when they’ve contracted COVID-19?

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