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Coronavirus – How To Fight Against And Protect Yourself | Dr. Vivek

Coronavirus – How To Fight Against and protect Yourself

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    U r the real hero sir.
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    Sir. You just made my day, I also wanted to know the immunity booster for kids my son is 10 can I give these tablets to him also??

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    Hi,Doc.you are right I agree with your video.Hope all those who has contracted this virus recover rapidly.Thank u for your support.

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    I always watch your videos. You explain so well. Thanks so much.

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    I clarification: Heart issues are not contagious and diabetes is not contagious. But Covid is. So people effected will increase exponentially and in a country like India where there is high population, even 1% of population means more than 1 crore population. That is the reason for the panic. Please don't completely ignore these precautions. Kindly be responsible be quarantined as much as possible. You might be having high immunity but not all people has.

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    Your right Sir! be positive, and Big Thanks for this video, you're an heaven's sent.. GOD Bless!

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    Sir I am getting fedup to make understand people around me that don't panic, it's a virus and till this time there is no a particular medicine for any virus. Just keep hygiene and take good food ,but they are creating a critical situation.

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    Thank you sunshine 🙂
    Neha sharma

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    Yesterday only I was expecting a video on this topic from you sir

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    Thank you dear Doctor . Take care

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    Hello Dr thanks so much for this info it is such a great relief ….Dr can I give these tablets for my daughter who is 10years old ? God bless you and stay safe Dr

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    Hi Dr tanx stay blessed from South Africa

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    Hello dr..ur video boosted my mental health..thk u

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    No words to describe your explanation good job sir

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    very much thanks a million for uploading this video to make awareness while the other media is making us scared of this carona… Love you 😘😘😘😘 so much sir.. thought of getting a video regarding this corona virus from you… Thankfully u made … Love you ❤️💕❤️♥️ love you ❤️💕❤️💕 love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Thank you, for your wise words.

    I believe the Coronavirus is neing blown out of proportion.

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    Waiting for your video about this topic Doctor. Finally its here. Thank you.

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    Very good video on right time….

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    Thanks Doc, your always encouraging and very humble. 🙏

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    U told us about fasting that is brilliant idea. Thankyou. Wt is the age to use these herbs in tablet form?. I have a kids of a age 7 and 12 . Can they use these tablets? Pls reply.

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    Thanks for your valuable information for us to stay healthy Doctor… 🤗 from ur subscriber

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    Every video such usefull and easy to understand thanks

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    But nobody dies quickly overnight like COVID19. 800 deaths in one country…overnight! It cannot be compared with other diseases 🙁

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    Namaste doc,🙏,wow!!,,fasting is the remedy for ur body,,& low the world's density of starving ,,isn't work ,,!! Today onwards I started myself,.thanks doc,,have nice and valuable thought ,,stay fasting and stay healthy,,take care bye 👪

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    Thanks for sharing this video Sir awesome video

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    Thanks so much for sharing very useful information corona virus thanks 🙏

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    Thank you doc very well explained. Maintaining a good hygiene is always important.

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    Thanks for ur video sir. I want ask u one question. What's ur advice for who's using soap for face? I'm using kojic acid soap about two weeks. Please tell me is it good for face?

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    Very well said dr, absolutely correct, people always should follow cleanes, God bless you

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    Thanks God ……listen something positive 😊😊

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    Thank you very much sir 🙏🙏🙏

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    Why did u post it such late? Was waiting for u last days about this talk

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    sir, please tell us whether sun will reduce the intensity of Coronavirus? Please make a video on this??

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    Thank you soo much sir,actually iam waiting for this video from you ☺️🙏

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