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Coronavirus: How is China using surveillance to fight coronavirus? – BBC News

China’s vast surveillance system has come to the fore in its attempt to monitor and control the spread of coronavirus.

According to official statistics, the number of newly confirmed cases in China has dropped dramatically – from thousands a day to nearly zero.

Meanwhile, a growing number of countries are also looking at using extensive surveillance systems, such as geolocation tracking to fight the pandemic.

So how exactly can surveillance tools help curb a pandemic and what are the potential pitfalls?
The BBC’s Joe Tidy reports.

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    This is a set up by the elite and a mere stepping stone watch the link which is over 20 years old

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    Status of coronavirus of

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    it's almost like winnie the poo xi is a modern asian version of hitler

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    neil The captain

    All planned years ago,get ready for a Chinese surveillance style system for everyone,I’m going back to a Nokia 3210,this is becoming a prison outside and everywhere,tracked,monitored,and chipped.🤨

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    I like the pole cameras. Nice way to improve safety. Opss… Forgot the guy putting them up got electrocuted. So much for safety!

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    Chinas using it to surpress their people

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    The reference is China sureillant you openly. Us & UK do it SCRETLY

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    Westerners keep worrying about accuracy of China’s numbers more so than their own lives. The truth is that the virus started in America and that’s why you are witnessing the explosion in USA and Europe. This virus was in USA since last summer or earlier. The government knew about it and tried to shift it to China. If it’s from a bat must be from an American bat.

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    U haven't mentioned the other face of this technology as it is used as a mean of oppression and control of innocent people

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    Averagely, each uk guy has more CCTV than a Chinese has. And China tech still need to catch up the high tech from US snowden mentioned.

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    Bwambale Amdan

    Ar these robots really

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    When I was young I knew BBC from its famous natural documentaries, I was a big fan of BBC. When I grew up and began to learn some politics, I disappointedly discovered how disgusting BBC is

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    Stephen Watson

    Iam not a robot.

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    U have a secret tracker…dudeeeee

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    the 5 eyes country monitor each other's citizens activities, they intercept people's emails , mobile conversations and banking activities and everything, now they are talking about China like angel themselves, what a shame hypocrisy!!

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    Its comunist prison what do you expect!!

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    First name Last name

    How China keeps an eye on its prisoners/citizens, and how the UK actually does it better.

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    andreas mitropoulos

    State of Exception – (2008)

    A stop motion animation movie about panopticism and surveillance.

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    Zachius Zdranada

    We aren't there yet….but this world is as good as enslaved…..soon you will live where your told…..eat what your told….and you will get what money the government allows….viruses are the same way China enslaved their people too…..with no fight….

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    New World Order

    Surveillance can not find a cure for a virus !
    Google this : Google060606

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    I feel in the future watching this video….🐎🤖👾

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    This is the final thing to get control of the people. First China, then test of the world. I pray for a REVOLT!

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    We don't need all those Goddam cams, mics, drones. What a stupid thing. Guess man lost common sense.

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    I live here, I can say, this video is bullshit, not based on facts. 胡说八道

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    Fuck u China and Huawei 5G

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    shreeyansh bafna

    How is it chinese technology,?

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    Damn…that’s some technology.

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    Then there is China: Who is not accepting the responsibility

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    My village Secrets

    Subscribe to my channel love from India kashmir

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    Lol I guess it's just the culture maybe? I think most Chinese don't really feel violated on their privacy when there is so many surveillance camera around(even in non pandemic period). Instead they feel safer. Coz surveillance camera indeed reduce crime and help alot in crime inverstigation usually. Infact i think there is more complaint about why the building or neighbourhood owner never set up camera when bad things happened.
    And during this pandemic, it's proved to be helpful too in fighting corona battle.
    It's funny how the chinese people were trusting their government more, but the foreigner have more and more complaints about privacy in China when they dont even live in China.

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    Ohh cmon why the cameras is human rights violation? The cameras are in public places

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    How china is using Coronavirus to strip us of our rights

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    Jagatheeswaran Parivakkam

    China is aggressive and bullying

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    Jagatheeswaran Parivakkam

    China is land grabbing from other countries using corona situation

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