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Coronavirus: how do I know if I’m infected and what happens next?

What are the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, what treatments are available and how do I protect myself and the people around me from infection? The Guardian’s health editor, Sarah Boseley, answers some key questions as coronavirus spreads across the globe

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  1. Avatar

    Holy! This sounds like a normal flu.
    Did you say "cure"? I thought those were illegal.

  2. Avatar

    There is a cure
    Drink the detol drink cleaning things
    Why are not planes flying over all the countries raining cleaning supplies not to use but to drink

  3. Avatar

    I’m here because I feel pain in my chest and I keep sneezing so

  4. Avatar
    Hamalla Haidara

    I have shortness of breaths and I feel fatigue

  5. Avatar

    I have had a bad Cough for the past week
    Am in gonna be ok

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar
    SomeShort EmoKid

    I had to go to the store yesterday with my mother for to but necessities,I did wear a mask and wash my hands and items I touched. I woke up this morning with my body feeling very weak,it's hard to walk,my throat hurts(I have not coughed),and my head feels heavy. Now,I already do have issues with body pain and weakness,but this feels different to me. I'm very nervous and had to tell my grandma to please keep her distance from me just to take precautions. I dont know what to do,I want to call a doctor but at the same time feel like it's just my paranoia

  8. Avatar
    Kamlendra Singh

    Discovering viruses inside the body is like discovering sugar, salt, calcium, lipid in the blood or discovering sperms or ovum inside the reproductive organs or even discovering that we have a heart that beats. It is just stating the obvious. Fact is that we are a storehouse of millions of germs including viruses, bacteria that have been living inside our bodies from birth to death but do not cause any infection. Infection is caused only when our immunity power becomes weak and then too our bodies fight it out by itself thus making our bodies stronger than before. So please stop listening to the Pro $$$ titute media that has been paid a hefty package running to millions to spread this scaredemic called corona. Remember its the media that has played the satans role of spreading corona fear from the days of wuhan in december until the present and this has to be taken care of or else it will continue to ruin our lives.

  9. Avatar

    Why some people unlike this vdo?
    Are they mad

  10. Avatar

    I've slight dry cough and slight flu and sometimes feels a slight chest burden…… R these symptoms of corona virus???

  11. Avatar

    Here my symptoms now a days:
    I have sore throat
    I am having so difficulty in breathing
    I sneeze a lot
    I feel like vomiting
    I feel something is stuck in my chest
    I feel so much tired
    I can't speak much at same time


    I don't have cough or flu
    Please help me

  12. Avatar

    It may seem stormy in times like this but storms don’t last forever, just keep on pushing forward and being you ♥️

  13. Avatar

    i have fever and cough and i dont have short ness of breath do i have corona virus 😣😢😷😵
    EDIT: i have runny nose and sneezing everytime never mind thank u so much this is very helpful😥

  14. Avatar

    tbh i am having a temperature but im not coughing. it might be just the normal flu or I actually might have corona

  15. Avatar

    Time to take out my Chernobyl Masks

  16. Avatar

    Omg I think I don't have it because I eat the Flintstones vitamins

  17. Avatar

    i have a sore throat that makes me cough, i have phlegm in the back on my throat, runny nose, stuffed nose, ear pain, chest pain. ouch. hope i don’t got it

  18. Avatar

    Cold be gone tea” is a Great stuff! I got it a week into my flu, but I bought some for my daughter and she started it right away…. She is a full time university student and works full time, so no time for colds, she was better within two days. Ususlly it takes almost two weeks to run its course. I ordered more to keep on hand to start early for next time.

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