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Coronavirus: Guernsey first part of British Isles to remove most lockdown restrictions – BBC News

The Channel Island of Guernsey is set to become the first part of the British Isles to remove nearly all lockdown restrictions.

Guernsey hasn’t had any new case of Covid-19 for over three weeks. Schools there will be reopening, with distancing measures, from early June. The island’s tourism industry has been losing millions of pounds since the pandemic began.

Meanwhile across the UK, lockdown has presented challenges for many people’s mental health. A new survey suggests that young people are particularly affected, with many saying they are experiencing increased anxiety.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News reports from Robert Hall and Ashley John-Baptiste.

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    Moving to Guernsey

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    Been very lonely and socially isolated for many years so you get use to it, i cant cope being with people; going camping helps me with severe depression and were not even allowed to do that..!

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    I bet alpha_t-10 is happy

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    Frank Nicholas Dale

    It’s is reported their will be a public enquiry to the government’s handling of the crisis I hope there is an enquiry in to the role of the media in their reporting of the facts and behavior.

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    What's this Harry stuff all about? lol

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    Yeh Harry will be over the moon

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    I know you only clicked on this because if Harry

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    Wait my name is all in the comment section lol

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    I was just about to write about Harry only to see the comment section😂

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    Well done Guernsey!

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    Harry is in London 😂 he needs to take a plane

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    American try to fucked up Chinese business Huawei unfortunately China fucked the entire world .

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    Who else thought w2s's family would be on here?

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    Eh…. This is a lie though? We're only on stage 3 of 6.

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    Harry’s over the moon

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    Brennus McLaughlan

    Oh shut up not all young people are struggling with mental health

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    Lucifer Morningstar

    Shit is getting real

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    3 weeks? After 5 days we will end it lol

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    baited us with guernsey in the headline then showed jersey


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    Harry do be flexing on the sidemen lads

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    large number of 12 yr olds in the comment section talking about some man called harry

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    98% of Harry and his ket

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    1:24 her voice is so beautiful. Mildly South African?

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    It looks so beautiful there

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    Been 6 months since I saw my family, missed mother’s sisters and brothers birthdays 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Sandra Kimberlin

    A plandemic during an election what a coincedence!

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    Used to Audit there…Sark is a must.

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    I love how many Harry comments and memes there are in this comment section lmao

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    Actually thanks to Dominic Cummings the Lockdown is effectively over in England too although the Government doesn't realise it just yet.

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    When W2S is the only reason you click on the video 😂

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    I swear the only reason I know Guernsey is because of Harry.

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    "allowed to" "they must" "in a bubble" "tracing"

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    I knew inbreds were safe from this

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    I always feel they speak about people, in such a patronising, mocking way…as if humans are sheep.

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    Robert Horsfall

    So full of nonsense… It's down to social distancing that stopped the spread this piece claims… Really? Then explain Sweden. How did they "flatten the curve" without these restrictions? Do an honest piece with some real investigative journalism on this, without just narrating the same 5 sound bites over and over again. Find out why only richer Western countries had any numbers die (and don't say because poor countries don't record deaths properly, that's such a lazy answer)

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    "being kind to others has a positive impact on their mental health"…what a materialistic nihilist way to speak

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    "Plandemic" "Scamdemic"

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    Ismail Mahmood

    Wroetoshaw, this one goes out for my brothers back in Cameroon

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    Social distancing a school, hows that gonna work

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    Until they start letting people in !

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    harry must be gassed

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