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Coronavirus: Former minister on North-South divide

Jake Berry tells Ridge he wants to see a “clear route” out of Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions, noting that much of the North is in the highest alert level.

He also calls for a “Northern COVID recovery plan” to help the economy recover from the pandemic.

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    Андрей Игоревич


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    Biden for jail 2020 +

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    First things first. Get us into a position of consolidation ,then start on debatable aspects of recovery .,when things get more stable..

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    Максим Ковылёв


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    Lol I’m up north restrictions are ignored daily by lots of people, cold up here, it’s flu season, everyone has the cold…..oh wait sorry no they don’t they have covid, runny noses, sniffles,…I think we better destroy the entire country’s economy and kill off the elderly and then bring in rules that make Anti-sense all with the number 6 in them to portray satanic rituals that the public will unwittingly perform without question.

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    JournaLIEsts creating fake news
    On Friday at the 'Slug and Lettuce' bar in Sheffield, a couple of press photographers ( Daily Mail, I think ) turned up and tried to encourage the customers not to socially distance, then took photos.
    I expect this to be used in propaganda against the public, especially northerners.
    Don't fall for the MSM LIES .

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    Fek your restrictions I will not comply or submit to your tyranny

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    The NHS dumped hundreds of elderly patients known to have covid back into care homes earlier this year, handing a death sentence to thousands more. They are doing it again. #clapforcovid

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    No manufacturing means No Northern Powerhouse. Post Industrial Manchester is a total failure now built on football stadiums 🏟 and shopping centres 🛍 and now is Skid Row GB.

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    Because 'North' and 'South' are at the opposite ends of a compass needle does not mean that they should be opposed to each other no more than should Oxford be opposed to Cambridge because one is to the west of the other or are Britain and Australia because the different hemispheres.The predjuices that are so obviously at work towards the North shouldn't be tolerated because of the mere fact of spatial location.Is pernicious snobbery north or south of respect?

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    angelatate clownreality

    UN's Agenda 21/30 new world order, new normal tyranny roll out under the guise of care. It was never about a virus folks!

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    The media really pushing the north south thing. More divide and conquer tactics.

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    North/south. Where is the Midlands and Wales in all of this?

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    Former minister…. If he was any good and knew what he was talking about, he wouldn't be a 'former' minister.

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    It is very ,very extremely simple.Stop using fake tests on people who are not ill to prove that the person had a cold or flu once upon a time

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    REPEAL THE CORONAVIRUS ACT 2020 PETITION. Don't forget to SIGN people. We need to get to 100,000.

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    Fake plandemic wake up sheep turn sky news and the BBC off.

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    How we tackle CONVID19?? Easy, treat it for what it is-seasonal flu and get on with life like we’ve done for years FFS!!

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    It's not North/South it's London/The rest of the country

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