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Coronavirus: Ford says more regions could be put back into Stage 2, York Region 'teetering' | FULL

Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Thursday discussed how other regions in the province not currently in a modified Stage 2 could have stricter measures applied once again if the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

Ford said his government is keeping a close eye on York Region, where cases have continued to climb, adding that it’s “concerning” and that the region is “teetering” at the moment.

Ford was joined by the president of the Treasury Board Peter Bethlenfalvy and also talked about a projected $37 billion deficit for Ontario in 2021. The premier said they will be “driving efficiencies,” explaining how the province can save money in different ways.

Ford also said he is giving “warning number two” to third-party delivery companies charging huge commissions to restaurants.

Ontario reported 721 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday with no new deaths.

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  1. Avatar

    Why are they going towards communism…

  2. Avatar

    that was a lot of corporate cocksukking in the first 3 min

  3. Avatar
    Newfie - irish Music

    Im conservative and i dont like hime

  4. Avatar

    Didn't realize I voted for an authoritarian leftist premier but I guess I did

  5. Avatar

    Premier Thug Fraud

  6. Avatar

    Download the App that makes you hate your neighbours … no personal data??? then how do the Apps know who has tested positive, the Govt has certainly stepped over another line and loss of freedoms…

  7. Avatar

    Notice how he takes his lifesaving mask off and put it in his pocket? I bet he’ll be reusing that one 😂

  8. Avatar

    I love how he pronounces "Covid". He is exhibiting the great Canadian vowel shift – where the "i" becomes "e". Covid sounds like Coved. Pillow sounds like pellow. And milk sounds like "melk." Irrelevant, I know, but fascinating how Canadian pronunciation is evolving. Just another way we are different from the Americans.

  9. Avatar

    Omg Doug you’ve been hypnotized. Look at his eyes when he’s standing still when others are speaking….creepy😧

  10. Avatar

    Ford go give ford plant more millions of dollars. Kill little business by closing them.

  11. Avatar

    If he made mandatory to wear masks why does he speak with no mask on and his companions too???? Stop masquerade.

  12. Avatar

    Would like to know why Kingston MLA was shut down in house, when asking about the facilities Ontario government are building to house people?
    States have a name for them, they're called FEMA Camps.

  13. Avatar

    Mr. Ford do you know the price for TREASON!!!

  14. Avatar
    Matthew Tigchelaar

    This is starting to get scary. Smarten up Mr Ford

  15. Avatar

    How are they walking past each other with no mask? 🤔

  16. Avatar

    Go to Conspiracy Cafe and hit on Trudeau's Internment. It's always good to know what your government has in store for you!

  17. Avatar
    Maximus MacDonald

    If the rest of our country would smarten the hell up you wouldn't need a stupid app, use your brain instead of an app, think. We in Nova Scotia have been using common sense and look at the number of case's we have, come on world, use your brains.

  18. Avatar

    What about the covid camps they are building, talk about that doug

  19. Avatar

    Why aren’t you wiping the podium ?? Put your mask on !! My 8 year old has to all fuckinh day .. lies lies liesssssssssssss

  20. Avatar

    Doug Ford is a fraud… A recent photograph revealed that he was “illegally” at a friends wedding where there was no social distancing and no one was wearing a mask… When reporters asked him to explain, he lied, and stated that everyone was social distancing and wearing masks… Google the photograph and see for yourself.

  21. Avatar

    And here's one for our government's over lord's. Their friendly neighbourhood Chinese/Russia screeners. News flash…. Your 125 tons and 175 tons of gold respectively will not get you in Heaven. And what did GOD say "VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD". Totalitarianism. Good luck to you.

  22. Avatar

    They look like an army from one the bible stories .

  23. Avatar

    Re: Trudeau or Ford in cahoots. Ford like his brother is a crook. No different then the corrupt Liberals being controlled and likely blackmailed through foreign interference out of the Nazi style regime in the UN – WHO.

    Corruption everywhere left and right. No difference. We need independents to run and vote for them.

    Elections with MSM totally corrupted by corrupt parties and their leaders..

  24. Avatar

    Second lockdown is coming and your Christmas will be cancelled. Mark my words!

  25. Avatar

    Ha! He put that stupid thing in his pocket. Compromised. But it's not about that now is it? Doug. Simple question: How do you look at yourself in the mirror at night? Same thing for Global. The WHO put out a bulletin the other day saying Covid's IFR is in line with the seasonal flu. YOU SHOULD BE OUTRAGED. Instead. Silence.

  26. Avatar

    Where's your mask??

  27. Avatar

    what can people in long term care do, Ford? They are stuck there and can't leave! Do they have access to the app and what good will it do them? As of yesterday in Ontario there are COVID outbreaks in  65 long term care homes and 31 retirement homes months  after Premier Fords statement about ensuring an "iron ring" of safety protocols around senior's facilities. How's that work for seniors?

  28. Avatar

    Why did the Canadian government sell off all of our gold? Could it be that we are to be like Christian's living in a Muslim community? No property ownership and once a month in a public square kneel, bow our heads and hand the rent to our master. Please. You Canadian government officials make me lol.

  29. Avatar

    Canadian's one and all. The men like my father that fought for your freedom are rolling over in their graves. You discussed me. TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS AND STAND TALL. You are a creation of GOD. Start acting like it!

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