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Coronavirus: face masks may offer more protection than previously thought – BBC News

New research suggests that face masks may offer more protection against coronavirus infection than previously thought. It suggests that coughs and sneezes may be projected much further than scientists had thought possible. The World Health Organisation is considering whether to update its guidance on face masks and the White House may recommend that Americans wear them. Meanwhile in the UK hospitality companies are turning their skills to help those in need. And for the second week in a row, applause has rung out from members of the public showing gratitude to NHS staff and other workers helping to keep the country going. Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten coverage from Science Editor David Shukman and Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt.

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    They can stick there mask up there ass unless they give them out free ones they are not 100 percent that these masks can safe your life so it ant going to happen some of the nurses that wear them are still getting the virus.a part from that one of my friends was almost arrested for wearing one beacuse a board cop was dieing to arrest someone cops are that bored they pulled him up in a van and sead they could smell grass in his car 1 head was in a car 2 the cop that pull him was in a van the best bit is he doesn't even touch the stuff just gose to show you how bored the cops are and they are looking for any reason to do you for something

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    We should have used our common sense than relying on our government.

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    All lies. Masks cause hypoxia. People have died, google it if you don’t believe me. Covid19 doesn’t exist.

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    So a small sample study of less than 10 people, without any SARS Cov 2 virus used in the ‘research’ now is counts as scientifically proven?! WTF

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    Rubbish, a virus is microscopic and can pass through made made and surgical masks!

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    Wear a mask and 3D Face shield…cheap on Etsy.

    "Model simulations, using data relevant to COVID-19 dynamics in the US states of New York and Washington, suggest that broad adoption of even relatively ineffective face masks may meaningfully reduce community transmission of COVID-19 and decrease peak hospitalizations and deaths. Moreover, mask use decreases the effective transmission rate in nearly linear proportion to the product of mask effectiveness…"


    Been saying this to the UK govt from December!!! Mathematicians get ignored!!!

    The original BBC dialogue on this was that wearing Face masks was ineffective until recently!!! Terrible…bad BBC!!

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    WHO Organization is a Marxist money maker

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    You also have this store with reusable masks. They are washable and have been certified for 10 washes. They come in packs of 10 masks.

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    Facemasks can help you! As you can tell who is brainwashed by who has them on. Might as well have an "I am a communist tool" t shirt on with your masks.

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    twintimegaming Salsacha

    The WHO is such liars.

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    Sorry, world! we have numerous invisible masks already to wear to prove how un-humanlike we are! so why this one again to increase the burden of hypocrisy on our hiding faces?

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    @BBC News just admit that you f*cked up, spreading lies in January and February explaining that 'masks were utter rubbish' and did a U-turn within weeks

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    just another human

    not being able to breath out toxins, obstructing your breathing & ensuring you breathe in mask particles all day in exchange for protection for a pretend virus??? be curious to know BBC's initial assessment of mask protectiveness in light of their change of opinion

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    Wear a mask at 6.30 AM whilst walking in the park without a living soul within 400 meters of you because there is a killer virus killing people instantly on contact and its all about you being a hysterical selfish moron who listens to main stream media without processing the minuscule tit bits of information which manage to penetrate the skull bone andor are ill informed by ignoramus cretins in your family or social circle , or indeed are cut off from the society in which you live where the concepts of " all in this together " and " Clap the NHS , and the altruism involved in wearing the mask in the correct circumstances, where the mask actually does provide protection, would be beyond personal interests and intellectual capacity

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    You all do know the virus is smaller than the smallest holes in the facemask materials? Viroligoists actually use pressurized suits, not a paper mask. It is a feel-good measure only.

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    Larry Bulthouse


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    Yes the BBC turn around on wearing masks was probably bought about when one of 8 people in the BBC lift started coughing and sneezing in their lift !

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    Bismark Delvillar

    This is the greatest hoax ever. I don't give AF how many fake studies YOU publish, I'm not wearing shit. Whatever happened to our immune systems, more effective than any F…G vaccine, masks, treatment, haven't heard a single "Doctor" talk about the people doing anything to optimize their immune system

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    Media, always late to the game: "Facemasks offer more protection than WE, the media, thought."

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    Telengard Forever

    Trump says don't wear one, so I won't wear one. Sorry, but I trust Trump more then some BBC false news.

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    1. You wear mask other doesn't and is infected = 70% chance of transmission

    2. Other way round , wearer is infected = 3% Chance of transmission

    3. BOTH with masks, one infected = 1.5% chance of transmission

    (Assuming the chance is 1 if no masks are worn.)

    The trouble is looking at it from a self-orientated perspective instead of a collective effort.

    If self-orientated you will only care about point 1 and hence not care about wearing a mask etc.



    Using a 3D face Shield protects even further since it cannot penetrate PVC. and deflects air vectors away from the face.

    Face shield made by Cambridge Based Mathematician – 97.7% effective!!!


    Also watch:




    Look at South Korea, China, Taiwan stats ALL wore face protection from the very start…very suggestive results.




    Thailand as well has almost fully recovered…do you know what they did? Everyone wore face masks. And this is a country which does not have anywhere near the medical capacity or financial resources of the UK. See Vietnam also!



    Qatar mandated face coverings on 17th March, 10 days later, the maximum incubation period of the diesease, their infection rate fell dramatically and continues to fall!!


    It is estimated that approx 25% could be Asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic at any one time in the population

    Even if only 20% of people wore a mask this would reduce the rate by

    20% x 25% x 98.5% = 4.9% reduction

    100% x 25% x 98.5% = 24.6%

    Significant numbers even if only 20% of people do it. Much more if EVERYONE DOES IT!!

    Also, unconfirmed as of yet but Face shields do appear work.

    An estimated reduction of transmission of air particulates of 96% additional gain maybe a lot more since particulates cannot penetrate PVC.

    Also, the R rate would go down given significantly even better results over time combating the exponential rise with a negative exponent as more and more people adopt mask wearing/ face covering plus the cumulative effect of compound depreciation over time.

    If you want to understand the Maths it's all here:


    If you were wearing any old mask you chance of transmission assuming someone was within 2 meters and infected with no mask would only give a 30% reduction in the chance of transmission, according to research. (i.e. 100% -70%)

    If there was more than one infected person the chance of transmission would be cumulative.


    1 person = 70%

    2 people = 91%

    3 people = 97.3%

    4 people = 98.6%….etc

    i.e. 4 or more not wearing mask within 2 meters would make no significant difference to your chances.

    These figures assumes that chance of infection with no protection within 2 meters of the infected is 100%…which is unlikely to be the case.

    Hence, why everyone should wear masks!! Do it to protect others and it will help overall…the more it catches on the more people we protect and the much more we will be protected by many a magnitudes greater – exponentially so! Literally a 'snowball effect'.

    Japan … where wearing masks in public is almost an obsession anyway – crowded subways, streets/parks etc…all throughout the Pandemic!! – Visited there 17 times – if you DON'T wear a mask during Flu season you can get sometimes get looks.

    (i.e. Exactly the opposite reaction the UK where you can get heckled or spat on by passing vehicles for wearing one O-0!)


    Also latest research from Hong Kong backed by the British Dr Campbell


    Watch what happens to the 'mask wearing' countries in this animated stats!!! (Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore etc.)


    Why do UK govt not listen to Mathematicians who have been pointing out the obvious since January and now medics have proof they put how to make a mask on thier website.

    Mathematicians predicted 4.9% chance of transmission in early January if EVERYONE wore Masks!!! (Using mathematical modelling ONLY!)

    Hamster experiment : 33% x 15% = 4.95% Almost same figure!!

    UK Govt finally respond by saying 'make your own'

    Also , now – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/face-masks/

    And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq3dhtL8nio&t

    Some more eveidence for mask wearing (very recent)







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    No kidding. Anyone with more than half a brain would have asked themselves why it’s so incredibly vital in the hospital setting, if they don’t actually do anything.

  24. Avatar

    Coincidences?!!!??? According to research funding data published in open sources, at least 28 projects commissioned by the US Army have been implemented in Kazakhstan over the past eight years. They involved not only local specialists, but also military personnel from the US Navy Medical center (Maryland), employees Of the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology (Munich) and military laboratories in Porton Down (great Britain).
    The first reason to suspect foreign specialists of careless handling of dangerous infections appeared in 2007. Then an American laboratory was opened at the Institute of Virology in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and the Pentagon allocated a military grant to study brucellosis in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. These projects were codenamed UZ-4 and KZ-2, respectively. The next year, a sharp jump in the incidence of brucellosis was noted throughout the region, and anthrax appeared.
    The next surge in brucellosis in Uzbekistan was recorded exactly after the opening of American laboratories in Andijan and Ferghana in 2013. In 2013, the KZ-29 project in Kazakhstan began research on Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) with the participation of specialists from the US Navy and the British Porton down. Biologists studied the spread of the disease by ticks in the South of Kazakhstan on the basis of the" Center for particularly dangerous infections " in Almaty.

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