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Coronavirus: Dogs trained to sniff out COVID-19

Trials are going ahead to see if dogs could provide a non-invasive way of detecting the coronavirus.

Six dogs – labradors and cocker spaniels – will be given samples of the odour of COVID-19 patients from London hospitals, and taught to distinguish their smell from that of people who are not infected.

The British government has allocated £500,000 in funding for the trials, which will be part of research into possible ways to detect the virus early.

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  1. Avatar

    He is a legand

  2. Avatar
    Ahmed Omar Abdallah Abdallah

    Busy guy

  3. Avatar
    Awesome Creation🌍


  4. Avatar
    first name last name

    How does the dog sniff the virus and not get infected?????????????

  5. Avatar

    But that s putting the dog at risk since some animals tested positive to covid 19 and this will be another to issues.

  6. Avatar
    Súdwesthoeke Bakhuster

    Netherlands has a bulldog victem of covid19

  7. Avatar

    Awsome….I dont know why they didn't do it sooner! But I do worry about the amount of treats if there sniffing out 250 people a day? I mean they are dogs after all….what if after the 40th person they just think oh ok I'm just going to sniff sit and take my treats!

  8. Avatar

    pets are loyal and better than the politicians and CCP.

  9. Avatar

    This is really getting ridiculous, the more the Governments of the world push this virus, the more it's revealed as a hoax, dogs sniffing out Covid? Dumb on!

  10. Avatar

    Ooooh 😮😮😦😦

  11. Avatar

    If the government had sorted the testing out at the very beginning we wouldn't need these desperate measures

  12. Avatar
    Súdwesthoeke Bakhuster

    why does this reporter say that it will only 2 years with us while another covid (HIV) is with us for 40 years, docters say that this is worse than HIV

  13. Avatar

    What a load of nonsense, my word, people are getting dumber! virus sniffing dog LOL

  14. Avatar

    Good idea, but I am afraid the desperation for money fake the outcome, dogs can detect a human odour. but the questions can dog detects virus, this I don't know. Is the virus has a smell? they are taken human odour, which is much different than human infected. another question what the other sample look like is it also human odour? and he can detect the infected ones. if this is the case that will be great.

  15. Avatar

    Finally dogs are going to save us from this nightmare as humans have lost their goddam minds👍🥃✌️

  16. Avatar

    Barking mad

  17. Avatar
    Peter Solar channel

    I 'd never let my dog sniff any covid 19

  18. Avatar
    Arabella Sommers

    Quite Unbelievable !

  19. Avatar

    Have people really gotten this stupid?

  20. Avatar

    If they train dogs to detect when someone's talking bulshit Donald Trump would be surrounded by dogs

  21. Avatar

    샌디 너 쌋지 로트 응 카해 응 그레 해 그레

  22. Avatar

    This is terrible. Lets expose these dogs to COVID nefore we know if they're susceptible.

  23. Avatar

    Is there anything a dog can’t do

  24. Avatar
    Michael Mawhinney

    I smell BULLSHIT

  25. Avatar

    If the dogs sniff its obvious they will get the virus lol

  26. Avatar

    can we train the dogs to sniff out bullshit ….

  27. Avatar
    Anthony Higgins

    250 is not many compared to how many come in but better than nothing

  28. Avatar

    Animals have a lot more sense than humans 😅

  29. Avatar

    At least this clever doggy has a purpose…Unlike the thousands of stinking other things that soil our parks n footpaths every min of the day! 💩 💩👈 💣 💣🦠🤣

  30. Avatar

    Some very dogmatic comments here…

  31. Avatar

    Don't need dogs to sniff out bullshit ..

  32. Avatar

    Is this a joke? 😂 seriously? Are we all being Punk'd?

  33. Avatar

    He can smell David Icke"s bullshit from Equatorial Guinea.

  34. Avatar

    This is just a joke. Like to see who getting the money for the training

  35. Avatar

    Trump supporters stink so it wouldn't work in America because they couldn't smell past the awful stink to pick up the smell of the virus.

  36. Avatar

    Would make sense to include the dogs in the daily Downing St briefings 🐶

  37. Avatar

    So my labrador knew I had the mild one .🐕🦮

  38. Avatar

    Can I have $500k to research if I can get cats to detect people that were bitten by zombies but show no symptoms yet and they are hiding the bite?

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