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Coronavirus: Do businesses in need of new help rate the Chancellor's latest support measures?

The government has agreed to pay two thirds of workers’ wages when a businesses are told to close down because of virus restrictions.

It’s ahead of an expected decision to close pubs and restaurants in virus hotspots in England, as has just come into effect in much of Scotland.

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  1. Avatar
    Maximilien Robespierre

    Another U-Turn from the Tories.

  2. Avatar

    Get it locked down rishi

  3. Avatar

    What support?

  4. Avatar

    Need to stop this. 2/3 of wages won't cover bills. Can't claim benefit as may be over threshold. This is mad mad mad. Alright for him he has his full wages. No cut for him

  5. Avatar

    Cut all the wages of the rich and give it to the poor people worried about rent and household bills.now that's a plan

  6. Avatar

    So tesco reported record profits.it shows how much we are being overcharged for our groceries

  7. Avatar

    Beat the others to it, start interviewing people who think we should all just get on with it now but take extra special care with those we know we need to.

  8. Avatar

    i rent so i dont pay fines etc as they cant take anything off me. lol.

  9. Avatar

    Dumb idea…
    Just reopen everything and learn to live with the virus!!
    The same way we do with all the other viruses!!

  10. Avatar

    I'm leaving the UK if this crap continues much longer 🖕🏼

  11. Avatar

    should be paid double and get compensation

  12. Avatar

    And yet in all this turmoil ,the greedy MPs give them self's a pay rise.
    Nothing but Parasites.

  13. Avatar

    Bring on the new world order and vaccinate us full of nanotechnology for a made up cold.

  14. Avatar

    So what about the suppliers? Hospitality isn't just the front facing businesses. Suppliers won't be forced to close, so I take it they won't get a penny in support and they will have no revenue coming in? This flip flop government are destroying the lives, not the virus.

  15. Avatar

    Time to legallise cannabis. It will benefit all!!!

  16. Avatar

    Old wishy washy is a multi millionaire his family is worth billions he’s doing ok 👍 has no idea how the working class live .

  17. Avatar

    Yeah anyway Sky back to the man with mental health video he shouldn’t be walking our streets anyway

  18. Avatar

    please sir my name is Oliver, can I have some more money

  19. Avatar

    The Chancellor will be printing more money to pay for this, TIME TO BUY SOME GOLD AND SILVER BULLION!

  20. Avatar

    How is closing pubs and restraunts lockdown?

  21. Avatar

    People on universal credit get 380 pounds a month.

  22. Avatar

    2/3 wtf can that do?! Just Another pacifier to ensure compliance, whilst behind the scenes continue to move forward with their plans.
    Eventually that 2/3 is going to stop and what then.. By then it’l be too late to do anything about it!!

    Bearing in mind businesses are being ruined over a bunch of “cases” that mean NOTHING!

  23. Avatar

    I'm down with the mark of the beast. No need to trick us with all this virus stuff.

  24. Avatar

    Why penalise restaurants and pubs? It's just so unfair.

  25. Avatar
    Grandson Little Billy

    Rishi is such a naughty nelly

  26. Avatar

    There will be none left soon.
    Government killers of jobs and people.

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