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Coronavirus death toll in UK rising faster than in Italy | DW News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the closure of all UK pubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms as part of coronavirus containment measures. Britain has almost 4,000 confirmed cases. But the real number could be much higher as testing has been limited. Government scientists say the virus is spreading quickly across London and many people have ignored advice to stay home.


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  1. Avatar

    The English people never had their priorities straight and are not too bright to begin with. You reap what you sow.

  2. Avatar

    the scientist told to Boris? What? Everybody knows weeks ago in the news, Italy…

  3. Avatar

    100% political. Nobody here knows anybody who has died.

    Great job media!

  4. Avatar

    Many in the UK thought it was joke….Now that its 4000 confirmed cases and rising…they are reacting..They should have done that a long time ago,,,

  5. Avatar

    The British laugh all the way to the coffin! We are in denial that this is happening. Social distancing is not happening much at shops!

  6. Avatar

    What a pitty, Lot of uk citizens like sitting on the sofa and eating dinners on the sofa all together with Childers as well.
    No washing hands they are not hygienic
    Also they like walking by walking sticks for taking salary from goverment.They like benefit.
    UK is lovely little Britain.

  7. Avatar

    All you people.. You are a bunch of scared panicked ignorants
    5G it's doing all this damage.. It destroys our immune sistem! Coronavirus it's just a flu whom can be treated whit paracetamol. but I guess instead of doing your own research about it it's easier to believe the news. They want you to be scared of coronavirus and believe it's lethal and not pay attention on the real reason which is 5G. Damn, eat me

  8. Avatar

    Never heard of DW news in my life.

  9. Avatar

    3:554:12 What do you mean? You have been warned, so ofc. your health system can't keep up, because of people not taking it serious enough. People will die. UK is a bit to late now. And it's sad:(

  10. Avatar

    Now is the chance to rob that bank..

  11. Avatar

    Fear mongering video title 😠

  12. Avatar

    We've been on shutdown for a week now here in Spain. Apparently there are already 1.378 deaths here already.

  13. Avatar

    That's right and all the so called social media influencer's are doing haul vids are they fooking real !

  14. Avatar

    Can't supply for your family if your dead buddy.

  15. Avatar

    I advise anyone in any state to quarantine yourself follow instructions of your cdc take care good luck surviving you only get 1 chance

  16. Avatar

    This should be called Coronavirus induced Autism

  17. Avatar

    Those who do not keep up with the pace of change will be left behind in the gutter

  18. Avatar

    That bus driver sounds like he already has it.

  19. Avatar

    can We just lock down now and get it over with

  20. Avatar

    1:35 "I'm not going to let it effect me"…..nice to know we have a choice!!!!

  21. Avatar

    Why do we have to be told to do everything. No initiative, it’s disgraceful.

  22. Avatar

    I'm watching this from L.A. where traffic gridlock no longer exists. I expect to see "Britain Soldiers On!" ads next month I take it. Children of Men, here we come!

  23. Avatar

    Governments keep putting money in the stock market and not in people. All they need to do is shut down the stock market for 30 days and give that money to people. Most companies are not publicly traded. The companies that are can afford a hit. European style governments might go into anarchy if they don't wise up quickly.

  24. Avatar

    Didnt Trump say that had it under control in Britain!!???

  25. Avatar

    English are doomed… well deserved! keep going to pubs please…

  26. Avatar

    I don''t know anything about this corona virus, but I like their accents. I'm subbed.

  27. Avatar

    All these incompetent governments waiting untill the damage is done to take appropriate actions…and then lie that they took the CCP virus seriously and took hard actions from the beginning….
    US, the Americas, Europe, Japan, China…. incompetent

  28. Avatar

    up north not too bad.i feel sorry for London and Birmingham. May get bad in those areas from what I read.

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