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Coronavirus: Controversy surrounds pursuit of herd immunity strategy

A controversial declaration by a group of scientists suggests schools and businesses around the world should reopen to expedite immunity from COVID-19.

Other eminent researchers, including America’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, have criticized the declaration, saying to do so would cost more lives. Fauci called the idea “total nonsense.”

On Monday, the head of the World Health Organization also warned against the idea that herd immunity might be a realistic strategy to stop the coronavirus pandemic, dismissing such proposals as “simply unethical.”

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said health officials typically aim to achieve herd immunity by vaccination.

As Eric Sorensen reports, the doctors behind the declaration argue ongoing lockdowns and tightening of restrictions would be more harmful to populations.

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  1. Avatar

    Government giving up = herd immunity

  2. Avatar

    Doctors Take Down Misinformation On Coronavirus
    OAN Newsroom Saturday, October 17, 2020

  3. Avatar

    No one knows what to do.

  4. Avatar

    There is nothing you can do. There is nothing… anyone can do.

  5. Avatar

    Global fear mongering again, spreading the myth that "cases" matter. The only thing that matters in the infection death rate and protecting those vulnerable. The WHO has ZERO credibility. Herd immunity is exactly the strategy that has been employed successfully until the Wuhan virus showed up. Why the lies?

  6. Avatar
    DaSick1 aka Teddy Mackin

    Stupidity won this war..

  7. Avatar

    They keep talking for a pandemic at the time when there are NO DEATHS . What a Joke !

  8. Avatar

    Herd immunity is what we've done forever and is the sane thing. The insane thing to do is what we've been doing.

  9. Avatar

    Open open open… we all need our freedom and life's back, dont be so scared… trust in God!🙏

  10. Avatar

    Scamdemic, fraudemic, hoaxdemic, bolognavirus. Don't let them test you, inject you, tattoo you, or chip you with anything. Don't follow their illegal and oppressive orders either. Good luck ever getting me to comply with anything. I will forever refuse to do any of it.

  11. Avatar

    The world has taken the mitigation path over the last 6 months. It has failed. Now we must take the herd immunity path. Open it back up and lets live our finite lives while we still have a chance.

  12. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    The only thing to fear is the Government and purchased media lying to further the Globalist agenda.

  13. Avatar

    The point of the Barrington paper is that total risk to vulnerable populations is lower with their suggested strategy because their period of personal vigilance is very short compared to the current approach.

  14. Avatar

    The last speaker is a plant…and wheres the reporter trump said 4 months imunity and a mask outside or driving or at home alone or even in the bedroom a mask for all occasions specially when your out of toilet paper…

  15. Avatar

    Everyone’s for it .till you bury your family……..lol…….what a bunch of idiots we have in this world

  16. Avatar

    Can we just balance it out somehow until safe vaccines ?

  17. Avatar

    They are talking as if we've always been in lockdown for every single virus epidemy😕

  18. Avatar

    the fake virus is greater than your herd immunity.

  19. Avatar

    Sweden did not lock down therefore should we be hearing updates in the media about their attempt at successful immunity strategy and how
    the death toll rate compared to other countries?

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    Good Morning Sunday Morning


  22. Avatar

    Herd immunity does not exist with this disease, you can get it more than once. The young people live with the vulnerable. Where will the young people live while sick?

  23. Avatar

    Left out of the conversation is the cost/risk of the herd immunity experiment. With every successful infection the virus has a chance at a successful mutation. Give it a target rich environment of people to infect and the odds of successful mutation go way up. The elderly and infirm are not the target of the virus they are merely the canaries in the mine that serve to warn us. Not that the anti maskers are paying attention. As the healthcare equivalent of the flat earth society they eagerly brigade to subvert the message and spread the stupid.

  24. Avatar

    More like thinning the herd.

  25. Avatar

    It’s so irresponsible & infuriating

  26. Avatar

    Global News just published a ridiculous article about O'Toole meeting Kenney. Out of 40 million COVID infections, only 5 people have gotten Covid twice, not a single one in Canada. IF YOU'RE ALREADY HAD COVID19, YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR A MASK ANY LONGER, YOU HAVE A ABOUT A 1 OUT OF 10 MILLION CHANCE OF GETTING IT A SECOND TIME. That is "immune" from any other name. The media and the world have gone completely nuts. I understand arguing people should wear a mask before your first infection, but if you do get infected, the idea that you should continue to wear masks (unless you are constantly working with the infected) is insane. NOT ONE IN CANADA HAS BEEN INFECTED TWICE.

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