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Coronavirus: Clashes break out between police and protesters in Naples over COVID-19 lockdown

Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators in the southern Italian city of Naples on Friday and Saturday after hundreds of people gathered to protest against restrictions imposed by local authorities to combat the rise in coronavirus infections.

Officials in Italy’s Campania region, which has Naples as its regional capital, said on Friday they would impose a lockdown, which would include an 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. curfew, in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. They urged all of Italy to follow suit as new infections hit a record high.

Italy’s economy, which had been sluggish before the pandemic hit, risks being crippled by another nationwide lockdown, like the one imposed by the country’s government 10 weeks earlier at the start of the pandemic.

COVID-19 cases across Italy have risen seven-fold since the start of the month, jumping to 19,143 on Friday and raising fears that the pandemic could be spiraling out of control.

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    Give us Spaghetti meat balls! Mama Mia!

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    Almost as if people know that covid 19 is about more than just a virus…. and are sick of it.

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    Aggressive Covidiots.

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    None Ofyourbusiness

    And Canada is getting ready….purge the corrupt politicians and conspiring media. Run them out of our country.

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    I wish more UK people would wake up too

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    My colleague has a coronavirus hospital next to her house. There are many ambulances and funerals. But I understand these people – everyone is tired. It's like "plague riots".

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    People don’t understand that being in crowds right now is dangerous. Even if your wearing a mask your risk breathing in air that carries corona virus. One breath & your fighting for you life on a respirator.

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    All the government paid trolls are out in force – good for you Italy

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    People finally are waking up, and starting to understand what this “virus” is just about control and nothing else!
    “Cure” is worst than the cause!

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    Sooner or later this will happen everywhere. Unless they come up with a vaccine soon.

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    Wonder what is the percentage of protesters who lost love ones to the virus?

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    let young people go to work, the lockdowns should be for old people and people at risk

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