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Coronavirus: China on the mend helps world heal | DW News

China has reported no locally transmitted coronavirus cases for the third consecutive day. The WHO says the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began, now provides hope for the rest of the world. China did report 41 new cases of the virus imported from overseas. The new infections came mainly through students and expatriates who returned in recent days from the United States and Europe. The new cases have sparked fears of a second wave of the virus just as the country has started to recover from the initial outbreak.


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    I wouldn't believe any data coming from China..

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    CCP- mission 'advertise CCP & communism' in progress. Small countries' economy destroyed, now they have no option but to join BRI😈

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    China needs to be hit with sanctions & penalties. There is NO excuse for this

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    china technology steal

    stealth Fighter f-35

    Aircraft Carrier

    apple iphone

    imitation car

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    They have all the responsability to help us was their culpability

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    Na true two nights ago said 300 next day news said zero casses

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    China killed alot of us because they lie i say we ignore china and leave them with all there disease and see if they learn

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    Were is mathias who represented the truth

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    China is responsible for all these sufferings & losses ! The whole world need to boycott them

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    Didn't China charge all those masks sent to Italy? Those supplies were not for free. Only the Chinese people think they are the hero. Cuz their gov lies all the time.

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    Is there any reason these products could not be manufactured in the US or Canada?

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    I don't believe them I think USA shouldn't take anything that they're making they're not to be trusted period too much cover up.

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    Its Chinese attack on world economy.

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    And you know what is really sickening with the media worship China for a good job really.they still got it so many still dying and infected around the world. China should be sued for people life they're the ones who put many people in danger just for greed.

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    dictator XI Jinping???And now you are askig help and advice??F….K EU! Damn good job China . SUBLIME !

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    Covered up outbreak allowed people to fly all over the world

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    our people are dying worldwide but you say your ok now so that is fine ! Your happy

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    Trusting xi xing pooh and his regime is a mistake

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    Still wearing mask means still having VIRUS air boom around. Not free of outbreak anymore.

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    #FAKENEWS. Be a responsible DW and report facts, not #disinformation from china. You’re going tell us the Earth is flat next? #chinesevirus #wuhanvirus #ccpvirus

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    They probably infected those materials.the medical Chinese team went to Italy to help out they also donated some materials.do you know what happen the next time i check in. Italy people got more sick more dying yall better wakeup and stop trusting China I think they probably was carrying it with them.

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    i see many anti-china robots here. hey, lets look at the fact and accept it.

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    Boycott China and mean literally

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    0:32 i hope that things not "Stereotype" made in China, you know what i mean 😭

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    I doubt this is true at all. But it looks positive

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    Thanks for helping. The most important thing now is solve this problem

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    China please stop torture Uyhur. If not Allah send more big disaster like Covid19. He want u think about it. Religion is freedom access.

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    stabs worlds back and then asks who did it.

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    哈哈,評論裡那個酸啊,中國人不必在意這些傻逼白人,自食惡果吧,希望他們能阻止自己的政府求救中國,而不是在這裡嘴砲。更希望他們有骨氣不要用made in china,包括口罩,防护服,药品,医疗器材。白人loser恐怕不知道,他们药店裡60%都是中國製造

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    Now they can profit again by something they caused. They should provide aid for free but I wouldn't trust anything that comes from them anymore

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    … the fact seems break some people's "superiority bubble"… that they are not better, not even the same, but… worse LMAO It's like a comedy freak show with bit satire LOL

    It seems just another repeating more and more frequent "can't beat them, ban them" (and pretend they do not exist) case… Getting kind of tiring, don't you think?

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    Cooperation not division. Countries helping countries. Human lives matter. Who give a damn where the help is coming from, as long as it save lives. This is the fight the world must WIN.

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    Too slow to tackle the outbreak? Unfortunately, we now have many sample to compare with.

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    Do a story on the people who hunt/sell those bats and/or pangolins carrying the virus – and those folks dumb enough to eat them.

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    Nobody can believe theCCP, they lie all the time the USA needs to ditch China as long as the CCP runs everything.

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    Most of the comment just can't stand any positive news from China.

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    They sent all their Wuhan cases to the Italy.

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    According to a report by the Japanese Kyodo News Agency, there was an anonymous interview with a doctor who manages hospitalization and discharge of patients in Wuhan, China. "It is completely false to say that the number of confirmed Chinese authorities is zero, and that corona confirmed in Wuhan continues to occur." The authorities said they had deliberately removed many of the patients under treatment from quarantine and deliberately reduced the number in response to Wuhan's inspections by State President Xi Jinping on the 10th. This is what real China looks like. Since he lied completely to all the countries in the world, he suffered huge damage to the entire economy, including astronomical losses, and the entire economy, so he had to pay China an enormous amount of reparations.

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    Chinese political maneuvering, I'm really starting to wonder if this outbreak is deliberate.

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    they sent world ,they safe ,,world dies

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