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Coronavirus cases surging in Wisconsin

CNN’s John King breaks down the number of coronavirus cases across the country and analyzes the surge of cases in Wisconsin. #CNN #News

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    President Trump has more supporters now than ever before! Hardest working President the USA has ever had in the Office of President! TRUMP 2020

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    Lying on top of lying is getting thicker and thicker

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    Cesar Gabriel Munive

    Trump had to do a lot with all that increase ,his little reunions with no protection and whoever’s came from another state to see him went back to their state and passed it on ,this president has destroyed this country we need to stop him so he doesn’t completely annihilate this country get out and vote 🗳

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    That’s my president ….. trump 2020

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    Trump doesn't have covid. He can even tell the doctors to declare him almost dead so that he can get sympathy votes.

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    maria cristina miranda

    God created nature, it has to be respected, to go against it or believe we are above it is a sin of pride, and anyone who believes in God knows pride is a great sin, we need to be humble, face what we have created and follow what we know will allow us to get over this, wear masks, social distancing.

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    Thank you for keeping us in the know. With the CDC being muzzled and information being sketchy, it’s nice to know you are looking out for the American people.

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    Those fools fighting wearing masks, you better get the hint.

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    My american friends, please end this nightmare in November…

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    In Russia, nobody has to wear the mask, we have the cure! Only commie/nazi countries like the USA do such stupid things!! Slavery is the american way.

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    Look to the world economic forum for a clue . https://youtu.be/3uNvQdXP4K0

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    Our esteemed Russian sympathizer Ron Johnson has tested positive. Wisconsinites work hard and play hard. They like to drink at bars. They are also hard headed and believe like the Orange Oaf that masks are a waste of time. Karma.

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    Really ? Do they not have masks there ? Oh well 🤔..they're aDults and can fiGure it out!

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    Micheal James Farrell

    It must be those mysterious "White Supremacists" behind it all,…,yeah, that's the ticket. "White Supremacist CAPITALISTS" maybe,…,

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    The Trump Playbook is all too simple – “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” – Joseph Goebbels

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    CNN is garbage.

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    Of course mask mandates don't work when only half the population is wearing them, and it isn't being enforced.

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    We only like Hoax Presidents who weren't captured by a Virus!

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    Sounds like the Republican Party wants to cause as many deaths as possible

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    This monologue dude looks like he’s doing a weather report ..Sorry they should had better way to display a pro report on my opinion 😷

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