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Coronavirus: Canadians face more restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise

Canadians are altering their traditions this Thanksgiving weekend because of COVID-19 cases continuing to soar in many parts of Canada. In Quebec, police checkpoints have been put up to help curb the spread while in parts of Ontario new restrictions are now in place as the province’s death toll passes 3,000. Jeff Semple is following the developments tonight.


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  1. Avatar
    Stephanie Whitehouse

    Are you preparing us for the time when they put more satellites up for 5G so we dont relate all this to 5g and the satelltes they are putting up – Why dont you they Stop 5g .

  2. Avatar

    What about the 2nd,3rd,4th ,,,,,,,,,,,, waves? Beat the crowds and have your mask surgically implanted Baaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa

  3. Avatar

    I love the people that believe that things will go back to the way things used to be once a vaccine is developed, they call it the "new normal" for a reason.

  4. Avatar
    Flamingo Flamingo

    Some ppl wonder why thars more cases of Sars Cov 2

    Me school

  5. Avatar

    "cases continue to SOAR"

  6. Avatar

    Homeless or dead which is worse?

  7. Avatar

    Time we say enough, and stand United to say no to lockdown, no to freedom's being abused

  8. Avatar

    We need to shut down everything for a few years. Let the government take care of us.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    there is no reason to do that this is only fear, and control of people freedom and right in Canada, there is no more hard evidence of anything in Canada now, it is the government and public health in Canada to do it, and will not give it up there is no end date, they will keep it going Australia policy is communist law too. the media do not question it either it is only a new flu even the people who work in government know this even the who is against those policy too

  11. Avatar

    I almost forgot "Global New" even existed sorry about that.

  12. Avatar
    Leah grace Fecteau

    Yes we are but thanksgiving we still be good it’s too bad that’s we are in the red zone in some parts and sad too

  13. Avatar

    business owners should unite and start lawsuits against the government at all levels to prove in court under cross examination – the need for all these actions – begging for more gruel will not make it better – the government will run you out of business – fight back or die

  14. Avatar

    with all the lies i feel like we are living in the hunger games movies.

  15. Avatar

    fun fact : facebook and zoom steal your data! and everyone dont care…

  16. Avatar

    Corona scam, it’s seasonal flu season, not COVID! Do your research!!! This is full of bull!!!

  17. Avatar

    Rip all small business

  18. Avatar

    Is it safe to stay keep working? Disinfecting grade schools, going into flu season now?

  19. Avatar

    Who and what are they holding over reporters that makes them so frightened to actually tell their own people the truth.

  20. Avatar

    How about Halloween

  21. Avatar

    Crazy cases, cases, cases. ignore event 201, just believe cases equal death, give up freedom, food, ignore Dr. Birx stated the pcr test is 50-80% false postive, cases, cases, ignore people showing the hospitals are empty, cases, cases, cases, ignore NVSS CDC reporting guidelines, cases, cases, cases, ignore NY/Italy used the same crisis actors to portray full hospitals, cases, cases, cases, ignore HR 6666 where the gov can not forcibly enter your home and kidnap children, cases, cases, cases.

  22. Avatar

    They are hiding something because if we are 6ft away, plexiglass everywhere, masks on, very few are working, lockdowns, Wash hands, sanitizers, avoid going outside etc. Is this virus being spread through TV/Internet/Radio? What is going on?!!!

  23. Avatar

    Everytime I read the comments of news clips I lose brain cells.

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