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Coronavirus: Canadian jobs pick up as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Canada added 419,000 jobs in July as COVID-19 restrictions eased, but the labour market is still well behind what it was before the pandemic hit.

As Eric Sorensen explains, new data on race also provides a better picture on who’s been hardest hit in the labour market.

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    I know this is hard for everyone, but Canadian should be proud of themselves. The number of new cases are constantly declining while their southern neighbor is the biggest covid-19 Petri dish in the world!

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    UN Agenda 21-demic.
    Learn about UN Agenda 21 and you will see it happening in your area.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Frustrations of Humanity

    Yay people are allowed to go back to being wage slaves and tax cattle woohoo . Ps viruses can’t be spread or caught, this plandemic only continues on because of the illusion of the useless tests, that only detects amplified RNA fragments

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    don’t forget to give these terrible people
    a thumbs down

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    Women and visible minorities are bearing the brunt. Please define “women” (good luck) and visible minorities. Also some lefties are arguing that math is an example of white European oppression so can you go over those numbers again?

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    "Canadian jobs pick up…." It's people returning to work, not increased employment stats. Not lying this time Global but still misleading people. The down turn hasn't even started yet.

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    meet-bill-gates video, can anyone find it?

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    I can’t get anyone to work at all ??? All that CERB money most wont come back to work .

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    I don't get it, if you people hate global News so much why do you all always end up here circle jerking in the comments instead of ignoring it lol. There are thousands of news channels, like you guys think you can fight the news by negatively commenting on their videos lol. Hilarious. Enjoy your circle jerk boys!

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    Women and visible minorities. That’s a double whammy for me.

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    The Global HOAX virus continues

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    fedex ground told us they were limiting FULL TIME workers to 40 hours a week right now.. part time is limited to 30..

    sure keep lying about how our economy is doing.. none of those jobs that were added are the same amount of hours as the jobs we lost.. the economy has slowed down to an insane degree and when cerb is finally over i guarentee you we see the start of the economic crash

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    Bubba Castlecourt

    Our country is broke, intentionally done so we can be gutted and be debt slaves to the globalists!

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    Your bringing on a desperation that you have no clue how bad the result of its going to be. You weirdo media types,policy makers,SJW's,etc. YOUR Society will collapse as it is already well under way and you,me, none of us will be safe and thinking you'll be able to run and hide behind law men, good lucks with that,just my opinion. WHY are you doing this!!!?

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    Women and visible minorities.. -said a Marxist Pig.

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    Have you realised your futility yet? You sick news anchor scumbags, you know what happens next don't you? The people will turn on you, and you'll have no saving grace, you sick, sick people.

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    Commander Shepard

    I lost my job because of a mask mandate i worked 50+hours a week through all of covid on the front line without a mask without washing my hand no sanitizer. I came into contact with atleast 5 people claimed to be positive while they were symptomatic. I didnt catch it in all that time.

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    PAID TO LIE MEDIA…..wear a SMILE not a MASK..they want to make you sick…cut off your air supply and make you breath in your own carbon dioxide. W.H.O. the communists need to fear monger so you get the vaccine,,,,remember..the vaccine will be worse than the Virus..the virus is no worse than the flu. Covid is just a fancy name for the common cold. Mortality is less than 1/2 of 1% ..new cases are all fake, new death is all fake…The globalists are trying to bring in dictatorship and remove democracy…VOTE TRUMP….WE WILL DEFEAT THEM.

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    The people wanting cerb has kept others employed and their jobs are filled.
    Absolutely fantastic as only snowflakes collect government cheese

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    "Government allows more people to go back to their jobs" There I fixed your title

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    Loosen the tin foil hats and stop listening to Alex Jones lmao

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