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Coronavirus: Canadian government discusses releasing documents related to COVID-19 response | LIVE

Minister of Public Services and Procurement Anita Anand and Minister Jean-Yves Duclos addressed risks related to document disclosures on Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday, arguing commercial and proprietary information is at risk with full disclosure of contracts.

Minister Anand, when asked about why the Liberal government couldn’t fully disclose its COVID-19 pandemic-related contracts to the public, argued lives could be at risk if suppliers shied away from Canada because they felt their sensitive information was at risk of being disclosed.

Minister Anand also stated that the government had already disclosed nearly $6 billion worth of COVID-19 pandemic related contracts.

The opposition parties are expected to pass a Conservative motion today that would launch a parliamentary probe of the Trudeau government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Official records on a raft of issues related to the government’s handling of the pandemic would have to be handed over to the House of Commons’ health committee.

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    Wow nice french who hired that woman

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    36:35 THE LIVE OF CANADIANS ARE ON THE TABLE… they havent even isolated covid 19, how can they engineer a vaccine for a virus they havent isolated?

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    Executed contracts can not be at risk. Contracts need to be public. How can their be oversight, when contracts are not disclosed.

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    Cover up incompetence, and back handers. What a crock ?

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    No confidence vote. Using Covid to commit fraud.

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    Where are the kickbacks ?

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    Transparency please.

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    The taxpayers need not know what a liberal government spends money on. They're the most honest people around

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    worse than obama

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    I wonder when Mr. Trudeau made a deal with China for a vaccine, China said they are NOT dealing with Little Potatoe Head. So now there is some other Liberal under a different name buying from China and from other insiders. Then cheque who had bought stock as an insider!

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    Jeopardize Canadian safety? No, jeopardizing Liberal back door deals is more like it. Interesting how they’re so worried.

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    Stephanie Whitehouse

    PROTECTING US??? WHY dont they stop 5G I dont remember them asking US about it Why dont they let us have our FREEDOM .WHY dont they THROW the vaccines in the RUBBISH where they belong . DO you think we want an experimental vaccine – a rna vaccine which has never been used before and is really dangerous and has not been tested – DO you think we want to be experimental lab rats – well i dont . PROTECT US ?? OR KILL US ?

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    Your scared we are going to find OUT what have you been doing with our MONEY 💰

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    we should stop wearing masks and social distancing until they show us were the money is going wake up.

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    Canadian fight for truth. We don't want your vaccine. Put it on you first and your family.

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    We need Trump in Canada. Trump 2020

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    The vaccins should be principally be given to the members of the legislators and parliament p.m. first and foremost, only after two weeks would we even think about having vaccins, first of all evidently included in vaccins would be cells of aborted babies, it is against our religious beliefs

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    IF the govt didn't pay 10x what the contract normally would be, IF the companies didn't pad expenses, if there was no tax deal or "development " write off, or public funds paid loans forgivable…what could be the problem with exposing our great Canadian business stepping up and doing their part without soaking taxpayers and exposing govt wise decisions and expenditures ? We are all in it together.
    Edit its what we get, when we get it, for how much….not their ventilator/mask/ vaccine formula.edit formulae.

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