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Coronavirus: Canada eases border restrictions for siblings, grandparents, permanent residents

Siblings, grandparents and adult children of Canadians and permanent residents are among those who will soon be exempt from COVID-19 border restrictions.

The expansion of who can enter Canada came at a Friday afternoon announcement by Marco Mendicino, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, alongside health minister Patty Hadju,.

Those who don’t directly qualify under the expanded family rules will be able to apply to enter for compassionate reasons.

The specifics around how compassionate entry and the expanded family list will work are to be rolled out next week.

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  1. Avatar
    JesusSaves RunningRaven

    Yet we are in the process of closing down

  2. Avatar

    Ahh, the morons making moronic decisions – who would of guessed it.

  3. Avatar
    Teacher Dave's Toronto

    The Minister of Health seems truly clueless! The justification she gives for relaxing border controls for 'family' is that we don't have infection transmission related to travel at this time. Yes, that's because we don't have travel, as soon as we do the infections from travel will begin. What is driving this wrongheaded move? We're now entering the second wave so we should be holding firm to restrictions or increasing them – not relaxing them. What a mess!

  4. Avatar

    This is really tough, just keep keep social distancing and wear a mask. If Canadians can behave like we did during lockdown back in march/april for just 5 weeks, by November, the medical industry would have been relieved enough to come up with more effective testing and therapeutic. Must evolve

  5. Avatar

    I just imagine how many Americans going in ahahah

  6. Avatar

    If you in America stay there. Who told go there?

  7. Avatar

    This is a huge mistake.

  8. Avatar

    Congratulations, Trudeau. Between this and your recent claim about COVID-19 harming gender equality (as if a virus ever discriminated in its choice of hosts), you're making it very easy for me to vote your drama queen butt out.

  9. Avatar

    All the same trolls whining about how its all a conspiracy theory are now complaining about how this is not acceptable… lmao. Critical thinking is not a thing in youtube chat.

  10. Avatar

    I live in Ontario but I can't go see my parents in Newfoundland. Outrageous I live in Canada. But the US can come here. Outrageous 😤😡💥

  11. Avatar

    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AODA).

    Accessibility Laws and Regulations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Canada.

    I'm disappointed for not providing Closed Captions (CC) by Global News at 8:10 pm EDT on behalf of Deaf viewers.

  12. Avatar

    I missed my fathers 70 birthday, and his 50 anniversary as will. Outrageous 😡

  13. Avatar

    Ridiculous. Second wave and easing restrictions .

  14. Avatar
    Kindra Ravenmoon

    So travel/tourism is off yet anyone can come into the country if they are an extended family member? And Covid as a virus will overlook it's spread upon these travelers … Yeah ok if you say so LOL! There's no way foreign extended family members will be spreading the virus such as tourist would -Again , yeah right Lmaoo!!!
    All hail the 2nd wave! actually while we're at it -let's bring on an even more severe 3rd wave.

  15. Avatar

    They are telling us not to spend Thanksgiving with family and relatives but then they easing border restrictions what is this? Soon it will be Christmas ☹️

  16. Avatar

    How long can you stay?

  17. Avatar

    Get ready to be overrun by American "refugees"🙄

  18. Avatar

    It is funny how comments disappear!! I guess someone doesn’t want everyone to know how upset Canadians are about this!! Chinese maybe?!?👎🏼

  19. Avatar

    This is not a good idea by no means The family that is stuck where they are America, or Canada should just wait till this cov19 is done We are going to see spikes of Cov19 if you ease on borders restrictions. Think about the Canadian people who worked so hard to keep our number down Good Christ

  20. Avatar

    No! No! And No!! Second wave and you're opening doors?

  21. Avatar
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  22. Avatar

    I thought ppl had to make sacrifices

  23. Avatar

    You could have flown in from China the whole time but not you racist capitalist Americans.

  24. Avatar

    Bad Timing without a vaccine.
    7 million + infected. How can border patrol know who is asymptomatic.
    No cure for Stupidity..

  25. Avatar

    Canada is a totalitarian second word country now huh… a frozen banana republic. It took less than 40 years for the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms to become null and void by globalist progressive sellouts. What exactly does the CCP have over this country of pathetic men.

  26. Avatar
    SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    At a time like this separating family shouldn't be a question who do you people think you are with your borders. I will rejoice when that whole thought process is struck down to the pits of hell cross a border then lock it you exiles

  27. Avatar
    SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    I see what's going on so stupid dumb you're showing both your hands

  28. Avatar
    SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    Too bad that's the last power reach you guys have go ahead and close all the orders around America it has begun I will rejoice close it down lol

  29. Avatar

    Hell No, Trudeau ur going loose my vote, for this.

  30. Avatar

    A grandparent or family member could be anyone relative to another in the country so if everyone says they can let their family members in they may aswell open the border to everyone as that's what it will eventually include makes no sense

  31. Avatar

    Some one in High Places , no doubt wants to cross the border !!
    This is so ridiculous. On one hand telling people in Ontario to avoid travel in province, and only gather with IMMEDIATE family but ok to go to the Country with highest cases of Covid 😡
    Does not make sense
    And who is going to monitor them to be sure they quarantine!!!! And pay if needed for lodgings ??
    Sorry I am not for this at this time !!

  32. Avatar

    So more planned human trafficking is it ? Need more illegal votes for the globalist enemy do you ?

  33. Avatar

    We sacrificed so much to control the spread. They didn't Even make an effort to help themselves. Do you think they'll respect 14 days quarantine? I had to miss my old man's 80th birthday🤬

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