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Coronavirus: British Columbia reports steep drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations | FULL

British Columbia added another 142 COVID-19 cases to its tally Thursday, but reported a steep drop in hospitalizations resulting from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

There were 74 people were in hospital provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said during a live briefing, down 10 from Wednesday. A further 24 people remained in critical or intensive care.

Active cases, however, have continued to climb, reaching 1,494, while another 3,683 people were in isolation due to possible exposure.

Henry also reported one new community cluster in the interior health region at a FedEx office near the Kelowna Airport. Contact tracing was underway and there was no risk to the public, Henry said.
The province’s death toll remains unchanged at 250.

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    It's incredible how loosely the terms "expert" and "doctor" are used these days.

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    Agenda 21 to usher in the new world order , they all need to hang .

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    hey bonnie, please shut up

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    It's enough and it's over, we have the proper medication NOW for this SCAMDEMIC. stop ANNOYING THE POPULATION.

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    When the dumbfuck boomers in this comment section finally drop dead, The average IQ of the world will increase by ATLEAST a factor of 10 based off reading these comments.

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    you mean there are other metrics besides "cases" that we could be looking at? No DUH!!!

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    Nice to be able to sit back and criticize from behind a computer. Bet there is not one Doctor, Epidemiologist, Nurse amongst the lot of you bots commenting. Keep hiding behind your computer. At least you won't infect anyone with your crazy.

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    She never learned about statistics and how to present a report. For what period are those numbers, what age group…? And you do not include those who "might" be affected. Bonnie doesn't look healthy, she probably hasn't washed her hands properly :)))))

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    Operation Covid 19 is clearly a subversion attack designed to establish the 'new world order' command and control structure – whilst simultaneously destroying people's means of supporting themselves. The so called 'tag-vaccine' will depopulate and sterilize the Earth of all those that davos gang do not like or need.RESIST IT and fight it while we still can. Do NOT accept ANY vaccination from the de-population experts.

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    It's Down so now things are Normal Again – Thanks for your Vaccine of Hope !!! I am taking my mask off today ! I am FREE !!!

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    99.9% make a full and fast recovery.

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    evil false flag pushing puppet.

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    Corona virus is by design

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    Say it's "over", so Whoreagon can claim he has defeated the "FLU" single handedly for us and deserves our devotion … oh yeah and vote for me and I'll give everyone free money. POS.

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    How can you tell people to avoid unnecessary travel and then keep the campgrounds open?!?

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    techthai tehabnormal

    Im all for freedom of religion , but why is your wacky covid cult on youtubes main pages?
    I'm just trying to figure out how to fix my fridge, back off weirdos

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    I went to a Pharmacist today to ask a question. Could a Flu shot cause a fever ? She said it's possible. As an Essential worker who is checked everyday for a fever with a hand held device I will not take a Flu Shot. If my workplace check detects a fever I am Screwed and would have to take two weeks off from work. I WILL DEFINATELY NOT TAKE A FLU SHOT !!! I need to keep working to pay my bills !!!

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    B.C. still refuses to be transparent and report cases of each city.

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    140 today as compared to 100 yesterday…. that's a steep rise in anyone's books.

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    Yet I still can't get the CT scan office to call back and reschedule my appointment cancelled 5 months ago.

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    Teach Ontario and Quebec what to do too

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    12 to 8 Islandcooking

    Putting fear into people great job

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    Why do we count flu season from Oct to April but not with this flu?

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    12 to 8 Islandcooking

    She has it fear

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    The Truth Movement

    I am gonna kill these puppets someday

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    12 to 8 Islandcooking

    Please stop it thank you

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    What is Henry's plan to flatten the curve??? You gonna keep telling people to stay home? You've tried that already!!

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    The CDC updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19 on Sept 10, 2020:

    Age 0-19 99.997%
    Age 20-49 99.98%
    Age 50-69 99.5%
    Age 70+ 94.6%

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    Masks don't work. only the sheep that wear the masks are getting tested and your saying there are new cases. Well masks dont work if thats the case and/or just making up numbers to scare the public with your false

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    After Trump proved that this covid is nothing but hoax …now they are starting to save their face

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