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Coronavirus: British Columbia provides COVID-19 update | LIVE

British Columbia surpassed the record number of new COVID-19 cases it set just a day prior when 274 were reported on Thursday, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced. There were, however, no new deaths reported.

Henry made the announcement as part of the province’s latest update on its response to the coronavirus.

The province’s top doctor said that while there have been no new community outbreaks, the province saw its first school outbreak on Wednesday. She cautioned that the identification of the outbreak was in part due to the work to contact trace in the school system.

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  1. Avatar

    I knew bonnie was pulling these fake numbers out… like 499 on the weekend..

    But the numbers are way higher.
    Remember. People really aren't motivated to get tested… due to the whole process. This applies now more than 2 months ago. So u can easily multiply the number by 3 and that the real number

  2. Avatar

    My favorite part is the land acknowledgement

  3. Avatar

    Bonnie, how about talking about the number of deaths and death rate? What about viral attenuation? The "pandemic" is over. Admit it.

  4. Avatar

    Who the hell cares, cases mean absolutely nothing, if this was anything like the spanish flu there would be 210 million deaths. Aren't people getting sick of this already…

  5. Avatar

    And u r surprised by this how? 🤣 man i love these politicians

  6. Avatar

    Hey that number is just a little more than the TOTAL deaths for the entire pandemic in BC. 256 people

  7. Avatar

    Who cares about the new cases. If more people take the tests then more people will be positive. Most that are positive have had the flu shot in the last year. They are wearing masks most of the time and lowering their immune system. These numbers are not abnormal for a regular flu season. Stop fear-mongering Bonnie!!

  8. Avatar

    Question: If your child could possibly die by going to school this Fall, would you still take the chance and just send them off to school WITHOUT any safety precautions whatsoever? I mean NO MASKS, NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, NO HAND SANITATION — Nothing is being provided by the schools or our government. Our schools are being made a testing ground for COVID-19 outbreaks, and it’s just the beginning of flu season. PLEASE put some protocols in place in our public schools! My daughter is a teacher in public school (with an underlying compromised immune system), and I wish I could keep her home from school. 😩💔

  9. Avatar

    Reported for SCAM.

  10. Avatar

    This is ridiculous. The mass deception will see the light of day, and it will be the greatest story ever told.

  11. Avatar

    Classrooms have 22+ students in them

  12. Avatar
    Oliver Wisemiller

    But I was told this wouldn't happen if they closed bars at 10pm and stopped playing loud music

  13. Avatar

    We are putting our teachers at risk here. Pay attention! At least put some masks and sanitation protocols in place in our schools. Thank you.

  14. Avatar
    Frustrations of Humanity

    Doesn’t matter how much propaganda they put out, it’s still a plandemic hoax with an unproven virus that can’t be spread or caught nor cause disease

  15. Avatar

    Don’t invite your family over for a virus where 99 percent recover. Lmao 😂

  16. Avatar

    Tokyo Rose speaks yet again,,,,Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't they been shooting the ones they do welfare checks on?? The plus side is no influenza deaths anymore, no motorcycle deaths,no gunshot deaths,pneumonia,tb etc.= means no truth…Meanwhile people are dying daily at home from preventable deaths because of a phantom virus…This is how the road to hell is paved folks…1deceitful lie after another,,,Myself, I can't stand this womans voice

  17. Avatar
    Francesco Tamburello

    Vedi "Allarme Rosso" di Roberto Crespi

  18. Avatar
    Ayla Blanchard Cecelia Small

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  19. Avatar

    People out there, all you have to do is take the number of deaths and divide it by the number of people. That's the death rate. Now, in this 2nd wave, the daily death rate is less than that of a regular flu. This isn't a theory, it's just math and statistics. Please don't simply reply with anger, do this one simple little bit of work and draw your own conclusions.

  20. Avatar

    For crying out loud! It’s only a matter of time for the staff to become infected if you don’t put protocols in place! Get some masks and hand sanitizer in the classroom and how about a plastic shield for the teacher’s desk? For crying out loud the grocery store has better system in place.

  21. Avatar

    How come the test can identify the virus which has not been yet isolated , meaning there is no proof of its existence ?

  22. Avatar


    C = 100 (Roman Numerals)
    O = 79 (ascii)
    V = 5 (Roman Numerals)
    I = 1 (Roman Numerals)
    D = 500 (Roman Numerals)

    Total = 685
    685 – 19 = 666


    C = 3
    O = 15
    R = 18
    O = 15
    N = 14
    A = 1

    Total = 66 + the 6 letters that make up corona, 666.

  23. Avatar

    I feel my tax dollars are wasted!!!!!

  24. Avatar

    Nobody believes your Lies and Deceptions
    We See You

  25. Avatar
    Bottled Intentions

    I’m making buttons “I survived the great 2020 pandemic “ anybody want one? I want something to remember how powerful I was in 2020, imagine surviving such a massive, deadly pandemic like Covid 19. Anyone who survived this can survive anything.

  26. Avatar

    Imposing even more restrictive measures follow a strategy similar to that of a foreign nation during the 1930s. Rearming and training of cadets to follow? Number of deaths to increase dramatically, but not from COVID-19.

  27. Avatar

    Your daily reminder that 1.6 times MORE people died in B.C. from suicide two years ago than have died this year from COVID, and 3.5 times MORE people died in B.C. from influenza and pneumonia two years ago than have died this year from COVID.

    908 — number of people who died in B.C. from influenza and pneumonia in 2018
    408 — number of people who died in B.C. from suicide in 2018
    256 — number of people who died in B.C. from COVID in 2020 through October 22nd

    But, remember, it's COVID you need to be afraid of.

  28. Avatar

    It's so frustrating in this age of recognition that the gov and media fail to recognise that one possibly two specific ethnic communities here in surrey who it seems are not subject to the same laws as the rest of Canada, continue to have large bangra parties and massive Sikh weddings and funerals at the banquet halls probably owned by the guy who has been complaining he can't have parties and weddings and don't forget the hotel houses in abbotsford, delta, and surrey

  29. Avatar

    They told us when Mexicans ,Vietnamese, Chinese, aboriginal, and white churchies from Alberta had outbreaks but not the ones truley responsible !!!!! Surrey abbotsford delta what do they have in common other than the gang violence?

  30. Avatar
    Wolfgang Von Zubaz

    Breaks record huh. Sounds like one of those meaningless Guinness World Records. Like the record for most people brushing their teeth simultaneously. Or the longest ear hair
    … Here's a thought, if you test more people you will record more cases. The WHO has already said that they estimate 10% of the worlds population has Covid. Which is the same as how many catch the flu every year by the way

  31. Avatar

    The early response to Covid should have focused more strongly on personal and public health strategies, at home, shopping, in school, at work.
    Telling people to stay indoors and protect health care workers, has lulled people into thinking they will take care of us. Truth is they cannot. Not even inoculation and testing will end the contagion, unless individual citizens adopt a new paradigm of self help. Every possible illness prevention strategy needs to be in place to protect your workplace and your families.
    Bon chance

  32. Avatar

    You can't ask me to stay away from MY LOVED ONEE when the kids are being exposed to strangers. There is no physical distancing on the busses. The cohorts are useless because all cohorts are on the same damn bus.

  33. Avatar

    and wuhan the epicenter of it all is virus free

  34. Avatar

    OMG all those droplets and cases!!
    Droplets and cases oh my!!

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