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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson considering lockdown for England as early as next week

The Prime Minister is considering new national lockdown restrictions, which could be imposed in England as early as next week.

Whitehall sources confirmed Boris Johnson met his most senior cabinet colleagues on Friday to discuss the possible toughening of restrictions in light of worsening coronavirus infection rates and hospital admission data.

Everything except essential shops and education settings could be closed under the new measures, but no final decisions are believed to have been made.

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  1. Avatar
    DONALD the great Hildabeast slayer.

    Biggest disappointment of 2020. Spineless Borris . 10 Downing street sit and piss space only .

  2. Avatar

    What a Fuxxxxing joke

  3. Avatar

    are schools gonna close!?!?!?

  4. Avatar

    I wont be following it

  5. Avatar
    The British Patriot

    🎼🎼 Jingle bells Boris smells Witty laid an egg handcock lied to save us all but we don’t believe a word he said 🎼 hey!

  6. Avatar

    How on Earth a News reporter spreads "rumors" without clear facts? ….oh wait.. it's Sky News!

  7. Avatar

    Hospitals are empty (which they claim are full with cases of covid) and the cases have dropped significantly (think about it.. do u know any friends or family who have died from corona recently.. No right?) They are faking the numbers.. so ask yourself what are they trying to achieve from doing all of this.

  8. Avatar

    If the last lockdown worked then why are we having another one??

    If the last lockdown didn’t work then why are we having another one??

  9. Avatar

    We need a lockdown to save lives. People are getting paid to do nothing anyway it’s win win

  10. Avatar

    After all, the first lockdown and all the mask-wearing and social distancing have been so effective (ahem), so let's have more.
    I'm assured that wearing a mask and social distancing prevents the spread…which is why we now have a second wave – all very logical, yes? Meanwhile, "thousands" a day will die the "NHS will be overwhelmed" if we don't stay ay home. Now where have we heard that one before?
    Riot time.

  11. Avatar

    More likes than dislikes, that’s unusual. I guess the “woke patrol” are still in bed.

  12. Avatar

    Virus only exists in Uk and USA

  13. Avatar

    Doris and Matt Handoncock etc will soon be in prison for crimes against humanity
    Corrupt cabal lackey slags.

  14. Avatar

    Guess I'm not having my mocks in 2 weeks then

  15. Avatar

    So depressed with all of this now, life isn't even life anymore im deflated af

  16. Avatar

    Brilliant, time to loose another few thousand worth of jobs being self employed. Haven’t received a penny from the government schemes

  17. Avatar

    We never came out of the first lockdown.

  18. Avatar

    Covid-19 has not been isolated or met kochs postulates or river criteria to prove that it even exists. Even the CDC admit on 13 July 2020 that no quantifiable isolates of it are currently available. page 39 of CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
    Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. and Not a HCID from 19 march 2020 uk goc website.

  19. Avatar

    i warned Boris and he didnt listen…

  20. Avatar

    We should just let the old people die and continue trying to strengthen our economy

  21. Avatar

    If he is forced to do this hes done the working class will revolt . We are at breaking point.

  22. Avatar

    has the governments minds been hijacked by non benevolent evil forces by any chance? It seems so.!

  23. Avatar

    What robots upvoted this puppetry?

  24. Avatar

    Boris is so disappointing

  25. Avatar

    No more lockdown

  26. Avatar

    well needed. this tier thing is so confusing for many

  27. Avatar

    Marxist takedown of the West. Its so obvious now. Stock market collapse soon followed by universal basic income. More draconian measures, vaccine passport id… Hence CovID… In my opinion the vaccine is to sterilise the population to reduce population. This has been planned a long time which is why it is global. The vaccine will be fatal to elderly and those with underlying disorders. The state has declared war on its people.

  28. Avatar

    Psychological and physical war on the people by the deep state and their puppets eg bj.

  29. Avatar

    ☕🐷🆘👞Old Satanist from Near Door Pumps up Police 20 years long,Show Him Hell on Town.55 look.

  30. Avatar

    Saw there was a mass exodus from Paris… don’t think that will help “where they should be”either.

  31. Avatar
    Socks With Sandals

    So the spring and summer lockdowns didn't work, let's continue to destroy the country in the autumn and winter.

  32. Avatar

    "We're in the Endgame now""

  33. Avatar

    Wish I still had a cellar. Best place to evacuate/isolate from 'something' that's in the air again! Seems to be a certain pattern to all this. Shake your outer clothing outside after being outside for whatever reason. Decades ago Smallpox was renowned to stay on clothing for a couple if weeks

  34. Avatar

    Sly adding thumbs up. Or is it Toby trolls?..

  35. Avatar

    Wrongthink rightthink. Empty your selves

  36. Avatar

    When are we going to stop hearing about money an more about stopping this pandemic completely by shutting the country down all together an that means no more flights coming in from abroad also no going to pubs or meeting up with anyone at all from other houses and as for this money problem if our country can pay billions in foreign aid and to the European union every year it sounds ridiculous that we can't find that money to save all those who live on this tiny little island we live on

  37. Avatar

    will colleges be closed? if not then this is stupid since the govm want to blame young ones for spreading it. the logical thing to do would be to also close schools

  38. Avatar

    Bullshit 💩 💩 💩 everyone dislike this video

  39. Avatar


  40. Avatar

    Should have just shut schools down for a year. Our jobs are more important.

  41. Avatar

    'Eat out to help out'…SPREAD IT! Opening the schools, colleges and universities…SPREAD IT! THIS ABOMINATION OF A 'GOVERNMENT' DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS DOING!!!!!

  42. Avatar

    Final nail in the coffin?

  43. Avatar

    How can it be a complete lock down when nurseries, schools and universities are open. Parents will be out in force, spreading the virus.

  44. Avatar

    Agenda 21 here we come! The great reset is upon us, ushered in at lightning speed with the help of the Chinese manufactured PLANdemic and MSM media and political puppets ramming it down our very throats! Just fk off and leave us alone

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