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Coronavirus: Biden says he’s “clear” after COVID-19 test, urges Trump to get tested

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday, before a campaign trip to Pennsylvania, his aides said in a statement.

“I had another test this morning and I’m clear,” Biden told reporters before departing for a campaign stop in Erie, Penn. “I think it’s important the president makes sure two things. One, that he is clear,” Biden said, urging an update on the President Donald Trump’s own testing before expressing hope that Trump would tell his supporters gathering on the White House lawn to practice social distancing.


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  1. Avatar

    Is Biden walking up fast those stairs to show us he still got it!?

  2. Avatar

    Focus on retirement joe

  3. Avatar

    Shows you the mess the worlds in for even nominating this failure

  4. Avatar

    Biden: I tested negative for Covid.

    Proceeds to cough numerous times.

  5. Avatar

    This guy biden is not really the Democrat candidate for president,kamela harris is!….biden is just an old fart puppet who will fallow president harris order!

  6. Avatar

    to incoherent Biden, Trump had 'SARS- CoV-2' and is being tested daily

  7. Avatar

    how could anybody consider this corpse as president. If he wins it means elections was rigged. Would not surprise me since the fake covid crisis the left are capable of anything

  8. Avatar

    Biden gots the Corrona eh oya look at him soon Michael comin yes sireeeeee

  9. Avatar

    Doesn't he remember last week? Oh wait, never mind.

  10. Avatar

    there is footage of biden taking his mask off, coughing into his hand then putting his mask back on.. he doesnt even seem to understand the point of the mask in the first place LOL.. considering his side is pushing everyone to wear masks i find that hilarious

  11. Avatar

    What about Joe Bidementia's cognitive test?
    TRUMP 2020

  12. Avatar

    Vote Biden for a new Chinamerica!

  13. Avatar

    All 52 of Biden's fans are so relieved he's tested negative for COVID.
    Now that everyone know he's healthy: Will he finally be able to answer the question as to whether or not he plans to, or would consider packing SCOTUS?

  14. Avatar

    How the f__ could this guy possibly be the most powerful leader in the world. He should be in a retirement home.

  15. Avatar

    1. Mandatory Masks, with CONTAGION! hourly stress position from CCPN-MSNBC;
    2. Mandatory 'Clear' CoVid Testing Certificate in hand before you can leave your house;
    3. 'Free' Regeneron Chemo Treatment without Co-Pay at Select Hospitals and Clinics;
    4. Compulsory Human Medical Experiment X-Vaxx at Government Inoculation Centers;
    We are at LockStep Two in 'Plan BLUE' to turn USA into a Pharma Concentration Camp

  16. Avatar

    Quit touching your mask!

  17. Avatar

    did he just cough? I can't hear his weak puppet voice….trump can talk over helipcopters and jets.

  18. Avatar

    Poor old Joe is sick too…You Americans can not be this gullible.

  19. Avatar
    Leave A Msg User Is Offline

    Would you trust this creepy old man with your children?

  20. Avatar

    Comes out lying right away. Responsible Joe? The same Joe who yesterday lowered his mask and coughed into his hand at his drive through speech? Lol. What a joke these democrats and liberals are. Truly the most unintelligent people in the world or just evil without souls.

  21. Avatar
    thinley phunkhang

    Sleeping joe

  22. Avatar

    Joe biden also said :
    "I will beat Joe Biden."

  23. Avatar

    Trump is tested gaily. Another dementia moment Biden??

  24. Avatar

    Biden… you suck. Where’s Hunter ?

  25. Avatar

    The republicans aren’t packing the court. The Democrats will because they can’t even say they won’t. Biden be coughing more than Trump with Coronavirus.

  26. Avatar

    He touched his masked 12 times in under 2 minutes. Then he rubs his hands all up the railing. Ever wonder why places w/mask mandates such as Indonesia,Turkey,Hungary,Ukraine,Germany,Spain etc have had such big spikes in the past month or so?

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