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Coronavirus: Belgium's Wallonia is the 'new Lombardy'

Belgium’s Wallonia is the ‘new Lombardy’, a doctor has told Sky News.

Soaring COVID-19 infections are reminiscent of the spring when northern Italy was overwhelmed by the virus.

In one hospital all the beds allocated to coronavirus patients are full.

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    Steer Clear of the Devils Children's so called Hospitals

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    😳Nobody expected this,,Belgium was considered a model to follow😳

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    Danny Michel Beun

    At my opinion the biggest Virus here in Belgium are the Politics…. good luck UK & the Virus is allergique at Whiskey sooooo go for it 🙏🤞💪

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    Ooh I'm scared please bring in a new world order to save me from the common cold 😜

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    Thats nice.. if icu gets overwelm they choose who lives and who dies.. am I missing the point here.

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    Wallonia is the nation within a Nation that stopped Canada Trade deal with EU right ?

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    Why can't we access Sky News live stream anymore??? Does anyone know??? Has there been a change??? Is there an alternative????

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    Annoying. And shameful showing elderly patients in pain

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    This ward is tiny no surprise it's full more project fear from far left government run mouth peice media disgusting

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    Oh please! Are we suppose to be scared??😂 All 5 beds are full😨
    It’s normal for their to be an increase in admissions, it’s flu season. Winter pressures. Happens every year🙄

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