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Coronavirus: Alberta unveils economic stimulus package

The Alberta government has announced its $10 billion plan to repair the province’s battered economy.

Heather Yourex-West reports on its path ahead, and whether the government’s plan will be enough.

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    My first time getting the first comment.

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    I am 100% WESTERN SEPARATIST – I became fully on board when it became more than apparent Trudeau is working HARD to destroy the west, likely nationalize our energy industry, refuses to carry through with his promise of electoral reform AND we have no control on our immigration numbers which means he can flood Alberta/the west with Liberal voters as he has Toronto GTA. He is destroying Canada's economy and likely to introduce basic income to hook people on 'free money' , which in a socialist/communist world ALWAYS gets greatly reduced to food stamps in the end, leaving the people with nothing but communism. The only way to save a part of 'Canada' is to leave and build it the way THE PEOPLE want it.

    That said, I applaud Kenny for many steps he has taken through CV19, like FINALLY putting REAL control of people landing from all over the world during the lockdown and I now applaud severely limiting TFW to give Albertans FIRST CHOICE AT THE DESPERATELY NEEDED JOBS !!
    I wrote Kenny a 2 months ago when I was horrified to learn a young Alberta couple I know who were thrilled to have gotten jobs on a local bee farm, were told they would be laid off when the TFW group came and got through quarantine!! LET ME REPEAT THAT, A YOUNG ALBERTA COUPLE DESPERATE FOR JOBS WERE HIRED, THEN FIRED IN ORDER TO MAKE ROOM FOR TEMP FOREIGN WORKERS!!IN TODAYS CLIMATE OF MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT THAT IS SIMPLY ABSURD AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!! SO yes, I 100% support his move, now I hope he can sustain the pressure that will come down on him from Ottawa for being 'racist' enough to look after his population at home,

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    Diversify, should never have put all your eggs in the oil basket. Alberta's leadership failed the people, stop passing the buck. When oil price was high you didn't hear anything about seperating.

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    I'm quitting my job because of their investment in dorks .

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    I'm investigating in silver , and canned food . Really down for this cave man skull bashing apocalypse. Not so much for slavery

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    tax cuts do not change the margins so there will be NO further spending from any tax cut on tax deductible expenses…. under GAAP, no CEO would be able to use prior yr's earnings (after tax profits in retained earnings) on current or future tax deductible expenses…

    any how.. I shall laugh as they waste even more cash on hand and then deny them federal bail out money.. let them suffer with NO margins and allow their Kin and kids suffer as low waged service provider type slaves… there is no brains in cutting corporate taxes if unless U want to send more coins out of the country.. shareholders dont buy shares from the companies, they buy from another shareholder and investors dont go active like the dude in this segment. investors remain passive and they chisel off the coins.. let the slavery continue out west.. let them suffer as they should.. most of them are racists any how.. HOW being the hand signal..

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    I mean if they where building clean energy
    But their not , just red bull and billionaire dorks

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    They think through overt surveillance they can rape you of your private intellectual property and intimidate you into not looking for other work .

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    Not going to work..still have too high an infection rate..yous setting up to fail the people..
    Listen to world health,
    not some premier that just want y'all to risk you life for their profit margin
    . COVID19 is not gone..don't pretend it is.

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