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Coronavirus: 700,000 Canadians expected to apply for new COVID-19 benefits

As the pandemic drags on, more Canadians are applying for the new federal benefits aimed at easing the financial burden.

The new benefits are now available and are a replacement for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) that was put in place earlier in the pandemic to help those impacted through job layoffs and other issues.

Mike Le Couteur explains who qualifies for paid sick leave as well as the new caregiver benefit.

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  1. Avatar

    I dont know about you guys but I lost my part time job because of covid and without the CESB (covid help for students) I dont know what I would have done tbh probably homeless haha. It's already hard enough to pay my tuition fees and rent with my part time job but without it a lot of people like me would have been screwed this summer.

  2. Avatar

    scumbag goverments taxing all of us to breath you all diserve to burn at the steak

  3. Avatar

    I have a 9 month old and this is great.

  4. Avatar

    What about the homeless and people who don't have a job at all?

  5. Avatar

    The #1 thing everyone should do is learn how to consume less.
    Become more independent by DIY, eating less, growing your own food where possible,
    walking instead of using the car. The price: comfort (the hell with comfort).

  6. Avatar

    Right the government is the only thing that can fix the problem they created.

  7. Avatar

    what pandemic? the numbers dont make for a pandemic. and look how many people are losing jobs, and how many businesses are going under and will never come back.

  8. Avatar

    Time to bring out the Covid sniffer dogs. It looks like the only way to get these jokers to smarten up and follow some simple rules is to teach the dogs to hump your leg if your positive. The fear of that embarrassment should be enough to get them to respect the lives of others…hopefully. Do not forget people. If you are positive and you spread it to others….. you might kill somebody. And if you know you are positive and you put others at risk. You absolutely can be charged and imprisoned if somebody dies as a result of your stupidity.

  9. Avatar

    congratulations, you all played yourselves.

  10. Avatar

    They Should also help people out that are on ODSP

  11. Avatar

    Just reading about the CRB. Many will be denied benefits until they are vetted. The government wants 4 weeks to do so. After waiting 6 weeks to implement the program. How do people pay the rent in the meantime? They can't. At least the government has put in place legislation to prevent evictions…right? Wrong. Explain to me Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ford how this isn't leaving this 5th gen Canadian behind?

  12. Avatar

    Just reopen everything…. this scam has gone long enough

  13. Avatar

    Stop closing down and people wouldn't need it, look at Sweden now, no new cases, lowest death rates in world. Never shut down at all. Maybe we need to listen to new medical information instead of who's leading this now.

  14. Avatar

    2 weeks of pay ain’t gon cut it in Vancouver my guy

  15. Avatar
    Ruairidh Sutherland

    Get to work the " pandemic" is over

  16. Avatar

    Just another way for people who don’t want to work to get paid

  17. Avatar

    global new work for liberal government NDP government and the conservative government in Ontario, sometime global news does reporting and another Canadian media who realize that people watch them get news I give them that the new flu or virus going be around a long time is this money going to be permanent because it is

  18. Avatar

    This we sold our house and are currently renting. Pull your money out of the market while you still can. 2021/2022 will be a blood bath.

  19. Avatar

    So we tax payers will pay all these forever

  20. Avatar

    Weird because nobody wants to work. Lots of jobs and no workers as far as the eye can see.

  21. Avatar

    the government and medias ruined canada in bad way,,,,,,,,,,,canada facing a big problems in near future,,,,,,good luck people,,,,,,,

  22. Avatar

    Two weeks to flatten the economy

  23. Avatar

    Thats awesome! Now if only we could get our majority employers to guve a sxxt about more than their bottom line….you know….its not like there is a short line of people willing respect our country while enjoying the PRIVILEGE of doing business with a country that holds Triple A credit rating.

  24. Avatar

    Sell out Singh is doing his part to destroy the country. Bravo

  25. Avatar

    wile Cerb and other programs are helpful to many, the downside is that they are disincentivizing people from going back to work.

  26. Avatar

    Unless the government loosens up restrictions and allows my business to operate as it once did…..make that 700,001 people.

  27. Avatar
    Ascendancy Fight System

    And taxes on energy have been raised and more Carbon taxes coming, expect crazy spikes in your heating bills and gas prices, yeay!

  28. Avatar
    adam etherington

    come on meteor and smash into this planetll lol than we all dont have to worry!!!

  29. Avatar

    the only ones who benifit is the government no help for the less in the world just the rich

  30. Avatar

    It is pretty that this "pandemic" isnt even about stopping the spread of covid 19. It is about impoverishing everyone mentally, financially, spiritually and physically so people will willingly take the coronavirus vaccine. The media and the government are far more deadly than the coronavirus which has a greater than 99.5% mortality rate. End the tyranny and socialism. Get people back to work!!!!

  31. Avatar

    Is there an incentive paid to the hospital for issuing Covid death certificate? These Globalists and Leftists are destroying our country.

  32. Avatar

    If you're walking on the job, start running. Thousands are waiting to replace you in an instant.

  33. Avatar

    People with bad genetics should stop making weak babies. Probably couldn't even last 5 min in a hot car. Weak baby.

  34. Avatar

    Lmao yall still talking bout this HOAX.. more people die yearly from the flu that they have a vaccine for 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

  35. Avatar
    Ranamanathabasca Rohipalepadoptra

    Global News is Globalist transnational progressivism propaganda to enslave us.
    They are corrupt and evil, working to steal freedom from the dupes that watch this garbage.

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