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Corona Update: Johnson tests positive +++ US and China call a truce | DW News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the coronavirus. He’s the highest-profile political leader confirmed to have the virus so far. The UK health minister has also tested positive.
On Thursday night, Johnson joined the nation in applauding workers in the National Health Service. A day later, after receiving the positive test result, he posted a video in which he said he’d be isolating himself. But he said he’d continue to lead the nation’s response to the pandemic.
The presidents of the US and China appear to have resolved their feud over which of their countries started the coronavirus pandemic. After President Trump talked about “the Chinese virus,” China’s foreign ministry suggested that it had been brought to China by the US military. Now Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping have spoken on the phone and agreed to work together to fight the pandemic.
More of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic.
– Just a short while ago, Italian health officials reported nearly a thousand people have died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. That’s the biggest daily number of fatalities since the outbreak began.
– The total number of confirmed cases has passed half-a-million, with more than 24-thousand deaths.
– A Serbian court has sentenced a man to three years in jail for flouting self-isolation orders. Serbian state TV reported there are 112 people in detention awaiting trials for ignoring orders to stay at home.
– And Sweden has banned gatherings of more than 50, lowering it from 500. So far, the country has opted for a more relaxed approach to the pandemic by keeping schools, restaurants and bars open.

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