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Cooper: Trump's accountability had lifespan of fruit fly

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses how President Trump’s coronavirus response has failed as the country is looking towards hundreds of thousands of more deaths in the coming months if nothing changes.
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    Hey Anderson. Your men loving is an abomination to God. HIV has killed 770,000 Americans. Leviticus 18:22. Trump2020 🇺🇸

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    Glad I voted already. Trump is a dystopian Stephen King novel come to life. VOTE! Lets get out of this real time Nightmare.

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    It's all part of his CON that you and all the others get sucked into when you know damn well what it is. He will continue to CON because that's all he knows how to function. He can't help being the CON that he is. It's his norm. The rest of us are stupefied by his Con and that he has the audacity to use it. Nonetheless, that is what he is conditioned to do.

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    Dump is happy that people are dying because they are mostly minorities and old people. Just what the GOP wants. Just what his supporters want. If you want your loved ones to live, vote for Biden.

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    Joel Israel Marquez

    Red wave 2020

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    CNN the Fake News network that made excuses for it's reporter being caught MASTURBATING during a Work conference call. That's how lowbrow morally bankrupt this trash network is

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    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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    Cnn is so stupid! If trump and the people around him overcome the virus, or they tested negative, they do not need to wear any masks. Cnn is always looking for something to criticize Trump… This is so ridiculous. All the Videos of CNN from 2016-2020 are just about Trump. CNN does not want to inform or educated their viewers but rather to manipulate them and lie to them. I am not a Trump supporter but CNN has better rating thanks to Trump.

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    We are rounding the corner on Covid—into a high speed train.

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    History won’t be kind to him nor the 40% idiots that will vote for him

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    I’m a dyslexic atheist. Nevertheless I thank Dog that I don’t live in America.

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    BTW Biden said North Korea and Russia have thugs!!!!! If that’s not racist then trumps comments about the mexican GANG MEMBERS ISNT RACIST!!!! TRUMP2020!!!!! WE HAVE A LOW MORTALITY RATE!!!!! PEOPLE ARE LOSONG THEIR HOMES!!! THEIR BUSINESSES!!!!!!

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    4 more years🇺🇸🖕🏼

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    We have only 15 active cases in our entire population of approximately 500,000 people on Vancouver Island (Canada) AND the vast MAJORITY of us still wear masks!! No one wants to die!! Please VOTE that idiot out of office. The planet is counting on it

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    Biden is linked to corruption. Not by hearsay, not by could be, might be or, probably. Pictures, e-mails and a money trail.

    Biden is corrupt. The Biden’s are not even denying it.

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    Biden's laptop matters.

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    I am not a politician, but you and your Democratic Party have undermined American democracy and the American rule of law system. You and your Democrats are destroying press freedom in the United States, and now (cnn) they will report your remarks to the New York Times. They did this in exactly the same way as CCTV and People’s Daily. By deceiving the American people, you and your Democratic Party will corrupt and disappear the traditional American democratic and rule of law system. You violated the rules of the American Free Press. What you did before and during the debate is weakening American values. Your lies reminded me of the Communist Party, the evil party. In some ways, you are like the CCP deceiving the country and the people. You sacrificed the long-term well-being of the country in order to realize certain personal interests. For example, the Democratic Party uses such terrible ideas as extremism and appeasement. Introduced to the United States. Your actions are destroying the democratic and legal system established by the American people. The future direction of the United States depends on the wisdom of the American people. I hope that the American people will use their wisdom and struggle. Use the traditional American rule of law system to strengthen the America again. Thank you all, this is my hope.

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    Please, don’t frighten the people anymore. We have been hearing this the whole year. Cuomo says all the time in CNN “Wear a mask” and he doesn’t wear one. People have died all over the world.
    OMS says coronavirus is ENDEMIC, meaning it came here to stay. The virus is going to be like a flu….. and right now there are treatments and they know more about it.
    I don’t think the country has to be shut down for a year. People need to work and put bread on the table. Nobody knows how to handle this virus. People have died all around the world.

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    China is laughing their head off every time they hear CNN and Democratic’s blame the President instead of them for the coronavirus. Then is may be a favor Biden and the Democratic’s leaders owe China for those millions.

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    If any of you are Democrats from Michigan or Pennsylvania. Go look at Biden’s website under gun safety

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    When he says,"It's going away" Just watch his brainless followers cheer and clap.and they say Americans are intelligent. At least half of them should be in an asylum with this President. Sorry ,But this is how the World sees you now.

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    Someone selling US 300 million people for the 30-member family for 30 years

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    Dang, the Trump roasts are getting more creative LMAO

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    Christopher Cottrell

    Tony Bobulinski, “I received an email concerning allocation of equity which said, 10% held by “H” for “The Big Guy”
    This is about dealings with China
    Joe is dirty. He is corrupt. There is no way in hell Biden will get out of this. The FBI has the “laptop from hell” and now Bobulinski is the icing on the cake. First hand witness.
    This is freaking crazy

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    I love CNN! They have the best comedy. You always wonder……Why are they so dumb?!?!?

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    “If I think it’s true, if I say it’s truer!”

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    Most people I know just think you're full of s*** oh, but I know better your CIA training your family bloodline, you not only know the scamdemic is a hoax you are part of it. I will have no empathy or sympathy for you when you stand in front of your and my Creator and answer for your lies and deception.

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    If you want extreme opinions watch CNN or Fox, if you want data you have to find that yourself. Im not sure how Anderson became such a tool. I used to like him. Don Lemon is somehow worse. I used to watch CNN exclusively.

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    Joe Biden made a career on lying

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    Death Cult. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think the average mask denying Republican has any comprehension what 220,000 corpses look like.

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    Has a canadian…can I now say the US virus or TRUMP virus?

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    Who is more racist? Biden Or Trump

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    can we find out if true about hunter and joe cnn all just dont talk about it

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    He wants HERDAMUNITY

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    Only 49% of you wear a mask regularly?? Yikes

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