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Coons warns Barrett would cause 'hard turn to the right on the Supreme Court'

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., explains his opposition to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

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  1. Avatar

    Any sane person on the court would look like a hard turn to the right.

  2. Avatar

    Now I know who inspired SNL coneheads

  3. Avatar

    So, go ahead and stop her from becoming the supreme court judge!!!

  4. Avatar

    So what’s the problem? It’s past time to choose right over wrong.

  5. Avatar

    I have a question for Joe. After selling out your Vice Presidency to China, and having them attack us with a bioweapon because Hillary’s didn’t win, How quickly, if you win will you be rolling out China’s Socialist/Communist plan for the country? Also looking back, do you think having a crack head launder your 45 years of pay to play corruption was a good idea?

  6. Avatar

    So liberal judicial activism is fine with you, Senator? That is what the American people have had to live with for last 50+ years. A “hard turn” to originalism of the US Constitution is needed. That turn is NOT judicial activism.

  7. Avatar
    Memnoch_The_ Devil

    He talks as if it were a bad thing for the Supreme Court to make a hard right turn. Its the only thing to keep you communist God hating democrats in line .

  8. Avatar

    Amen, turn right, turn constitutional.

  9. Avatar

    Better than a hard turn to the left, it's u democrats u want to pack the courts.

  10. Avatar

    Good that what we want….get rid of Dem freaks and bring back some values to the family unit….that’s the secret to all success….stable home….stable home will fix the Blk community in one generation….The Dems did that to you BLK America…not us ….vote Trump so we can make everything Great….

  11. Avatar

    Vote blue America needs you

  12. Avatar

    And that would be great.

  13. Avatar

    Yes. It would be impossible for the court to make anything but a right turn after RBG’s time as a far left legislator on the SCOTUS. RIP Notorious RBG, we were glad to see you go. Welcome, Awesome ACB, we have waited a long time for you.

  14. Avatar

    😭 cry about it baby boy

  15. Avatar

    The Supreme Court has been taking a hard left for decades. Did he voice his concern then? No.
    If all you do is turn left, you will only accomplish going in circles

  16. Avatar

    It's obvious to every american this election comes down to are you a uneducated evil racist or voting democratic, if this comment bothers you look in a mirror that's what a racist looks like and every one knows it.

  17. Avatar

    A hard Right turn at cliffs edge. America saved, no problem, drive on.

  18. Avatar

    He is prejudice and a bald nut cake

  19. Avatar

    Jesus wants you to Stop killing his babies or he will send down his rath on all humanity like we have not seen before

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