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Contagious President Trump removes mask at White House

President Trump returned to the White House following his hospitalization due to coronavirus and removed his mask despite still being contagious.
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    I need some time away from social media…it's too fake!…so much mixed information.

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    He can do what he wants, but unless he steals the election, he's gone in less than a month, and that's something he can NEVER cover up.

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    He does not have Covid…smdh

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    Cooks, cleaning staff, everyone in that house…THIS is criminal. America needs to do something about the fact that it seems their President doesn't have enough checks and balances. At certain points HE should be being told what to do BY EXPERTS. My God.

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    trying to say!???? portray!??? ok me n VLAD, ORGANISED THE PANDEMIC, but u can survive!!!!!!!!!?? this is known as VLAD AND DONS SWAN SONG, TOLD U, SO I DODGE KARMA, wow, yesterday counts, what a numpty x

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    Lock him up . THROW THE KEY AWAY .

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    Each month of the Trump administration has created more and more disdain I feel for Trump supporters… that includes my own family members.

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    Mini Mussolini looks like a complete tool. Poor little Trump disciples can only blame CNN. lol As if CNN gave the idiot PONTUS covid. Too funny

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    Trump is reckless! Is anyone shocked?

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    He dont have the virus what he do have is a very sick mind he tough that by telling people he have the virus people was going to vote for him or if he looses the election he can said he lost because of the virus

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    These CNN idiots are criticizing TRUMP for removing his mask at his house, while they are in a tv studio NOT WEARING A MASK!! They could be ASYMTOMATIC people that don't know they have the virus but are SPREADING it everywhere they go. #TheHypocrisy

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    He is sick physically….and MENTALLY!!

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    He doesn't have COVID or he has no respect whatsoever for other ppl.. why is he acting this way.. he raises a lot of questions?

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    Steroids don't make you feel good. They make you feel agitated.

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    Um, Dr. Gupta are you watching the same video I'm seeing? He does NOT look good. Climbing those stairs obviously had him gasping – watch his chest. His face looks distressed. Don Jr. said he's acting crazy and needs an intervention. We knew it was gonna get crazy, but Geez!

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    2:24 he suppresses a cough. he's breathing hard the whole time while trying to hide it.

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    Baby Huey's evil twin brother: Trump

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    revenge is a dish best served covid.

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    "The Madman of America", is not in prison, he's in the White House!!!

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    Satan on steroids

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    Making a total full out of himself .

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    Lol this is a joke right? They’re complaining because he took his mask off when he is not even close to anyone. That’s where he lives he isn’t going to wear a mask 24/7 in his own house.

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    Or maybe he never had covid and he just wants the optics of downplaying the virus 🦠 as a patient this time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ my husband presented this theory to me. I told him that’s not possible coz getting the virus would hurt his campaign message on covid going away. So I don’t k know…

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    I CANNOT believe what i'm seeing.

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    Stop wondering America. By now Trump is a deadly weapon for others and should be treated as such.

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    Trump is awesome, can't wait to vote for him again.

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    CNN , nothing better to do huh …. worst news channel ever !!!!

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    I guess that sends a message to all republicans: COVID-19 is nothing, don't wear a mask even if you caught it when you are surrounded by republicans; hug other republicans, kiss them if you want. As Donald Trump shows, it's all fine. But if you are sane, don't do these.

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